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Friday, August 8, 2008

8 Things for 08/08/08

[Eek, I accidentally posted this to the knitting blog yesterday (I am writing this on the 9th, but back-dating the post). Luckily eagle-eyed Lee spotted the mix up. OOOPS.]

Well, poop, no Friday's Feast again. It's been a month, so I guess it is dead. Fine. I will make up my own thing.

Suna's Eight Great Assertions on 08/08/08

1. It is my friend Diana's birthday. How cool to have such a fun day for your birthday! I know a lot of weddings are going on today, too!

2. The high school band season starts today. We go to the "Watermelon Social" today, which includes a frenzy of buying band booster stuff.

3. I feel good, really good, for the first time in a long time. It's like the universe shifted and things are more favorable to me. I will enjoy that as long as it lasts! Maybe it's that happy rock Nancy gave me.

4. I got a really cool present from my first significant other, whom I have known since 9th grade. It was so exciting to see his handwriting on the envelope! More details to come when I have a picture.

5. Lee planted me some new flowers. Even a hibiscus! They are near the front door, so I will see them a lot. Plus, he put some more on the side yard, and those sunflowers are growing like crazy. Even in the third hottest summer ever, we have some nice, cheerful plants. (Lee also has fixed some of the weird wiring on our light switches. Soon they will be back to how they were before XH re-did them for his X10 system.)

6. My "be a better friend" campaign is going well, too. I get to go bead shopping with TWO friends tomorrow. Maybe three, who knows? And I sent an online friend a whole bunch of dishcloths, which I hope cheer her up. Plus, I sent a stranger some leftover yarn. I don't usually do all the "exchanges" and "secret pals" knitters do, but I saw a request for some yarn and I actually had some. Why not?

7. I get to see Lee do music in public again on Sunday. He's playing guitar at the church service.

8. I like my job. I haven't been able to say THAT since March 2007. I am glad to be back. Even if it's a place with low morale, it's low morale with nice, straightforward people.

I hope you have 8 great things in your life today. Heck, I even have MORE. Maybe I'll go on some more tomorrow!


Mary said...

Dear Sue Ann,
I was happy to read that you feel really good and love your new job. That is great news. I hope that you have fun with your friends this weekend. Nice that Lee planted flowers and fixed the wiring. I just dropped in to read about your wedding plans...sorry to hear that you did not have a good time trying on dresses. The next time must be better.
Having a good time on Vancouver Island, Mary B.

Des said...

And beautiful dish towels they are!