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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Watching Them Grow

My boys are getting big, both in size and mental maturity. I am a proud mother in that I am happy to see how well adjusted they are, for the most part, and what good choices they seem to make. Sure, they have their lapses, some of which are doozies, but mostly they seem on the right track. It is weird watching them grow up, knowing that soon I will have to send them out into the big, wide world. I see signs of maturity in both of them, which is nice, but it's bittersweet to see them need me less and less. On the other hand, it's right on schedule!

Let's take Tuba Boy. More like, let's watch numerous attractive girls take Tuba Boy. Just LOOK at him--this is a senior picture candidate--lots of hair, but a good looking boy. He's quite the charmer as well, though he seems to be pretty careful not to let himself get entangled after last year's episode that led to heartbreak of some sort. He is always at one lovely person's house or another watching movies (or with his male friends--he is not exclusive to anyone). But I did note, when I heard him on the phone to one of these girls, a tone of voice that would have made ME swoon as a teen. A soft, suave sound that he definitely does NOT use with his parents or brother. Mostly, though, I am glad he is having fun, coming home at OK hours, and letting me know where he is. He is pushing things just enough to remind me he is 17.5, but not so much that he loses privileges.

I can't help but be impressed with his choice of friends, his choice of dates (lots of Asian girls, reminding me of my Asian boy trend when I was young), and his reasoning. I make sure to listen to him when he explains to me why he doesn't want to do something I want him to, or vice versa. And many times he has good reasons. I make sure that I change my mind some, and not just impose my will "because I say so." I want him to know I am still the mom, but I trust him and will back him up if he has good reasons for what he's doing. So, this morning I let him skip band camp, for good reason.

Beccano, an endless source of amusement in my life, is also really maturing--and in some ways faster than his brother (he is showing a lot more signs of fiscal and family responsibility). I can't help but get tickled at his sense of humor. Check out the photo that he wanted me to take, since it depicts "two heavy metal fans, in black." "Lot's o' LULZ" is what he'd say about that. He is a lot of help to me and Lee, as well as a lot of fun to be around.

Last night he had me re-do his hair braid. I noticed he had cut a bunch of it off. That really surprised me. He'd never have done that all on his own. And, whoa. Is that child's hair LONG. When you un-curl it, it's to his mid back. You can see in this mandolin photo that it's copious, but like Lee, his hair seems to want to stay around his shoulders. Ah well, youth is the time to have lovely long hair, I guess! And he's still playful and fun, so he isn't leaving us any time soon.

Both boys right now are very sore from band camp. That's what sitting around all summer does for you. (Though Tuba Boy worked a lot, so he got some exercise.)


Stephanie said...

how the heck does that happen? I know you and I aren't aging but these kiddos sure are growing. Good thing yours are getting cuter and cooler with every additional year.

And dare I use this space to shout MAZEL TOV across the country?! I'm so excited for your big news today and already wondering how I could swing a trip to the Lone Star State.


Suna said...

Oh, Steph, it would be so nice to have you here!

Dragonfly said...

I feel the same way about my son and he's not even as old yet. he's definitely growing up though and I can tell he's going in the right direction and becoming a human I'm proud to call my own.