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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ahhh, Proud.

I have heard it so many times today: I feel proud to be an American again.

So do I, for the first time since I was really young.

I realized I also feel something else, as I was driving home from work. I also feel noticeably less fearful. I think I was really afraid someone was going to bomb us at any minute the entire time that Bush was in office, with all that braggadocio and belligerence towards other countries. I worry for Obama's personal safety, but feel like we Americans are much safer now, at least for a time.

I love how today's speech reflected a call to work together with all Americans, all political factions, and all nations. You've heard me go on and on before about how I think the only way things will get better is if people work together. Finally someone with some influence agrees.

I don't have a twelve-page post today. Just a nice picture of my fresh new adult in his late-arriving birthday shirt. This is the official inaugural shirt and I am glad it came in time, though I wish he could have worn it to the MLK Day march he went to yesterday with his debate friends (what great future leaders they are!). I got a little "44" in a blue oval to put on the back of my car, too. Hee hee. It's nice and subtle. I can take off my big ole bumper sticker, now.

Thanks again to all who responded to my last post. I have been uplifted and feel validified by the kind and thoughtful reactions from all sides. I have great friends and fans. Thanks for being here.

And comment! I love them!

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