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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cute Li'l Carrot

Cute Li'l Carrot
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There's not a lot of excitement going on right now--I've been knitting and watching football, Lee's been fixing up the garage and watching football, and the kids have been playing Rock Band 2, their gift to each other.

So, I'll just show you this cute li'l carrot that's sitting on the coffee table right now. I got it yesterday at the yarn shop (what, you don't get your carrots at the yarn shop?). It was a busy day--all the friends were there, plus they were doing inventory, and lots of customers were coming in (that is good). One young-ish woman was trying to find bulky yarn to make a sleeveless cowled sweater out of, but her sweet little boy, around 3 I'd say, had grown tired of the search. He wanted to go. I was helping her find possible yarns, when the boy said he HAD to leave, because he was "fursty"! I figured I could buy the mom some time by getting him something, so I offered him some water. He followed me (so closely I kept bumping into him) to the supply room, where I got him a plastic cup, then to the bathroom (our only water source), where I managed to keep him from putting his gum into a decorative basket. He was most pleased with his water, and after a sip, he reached into his pocket and extended his hand, declaring, "I have a carrot!" And sure enough, he did. He then said, "It's for YOU!" Well, of course I graciously accepted this curvaceous little thing, and we told his mother, who laughed and said it came from their garden and had looked better before he pulled the green tops off. I guess it was planted on top of a rock, which caused it to curve. I proudly showed my baby carrot to all the knitting friends, who were duly impressed!

It's windy and chilly, so we probably won't do too much today. I need to rest up, since there should be a lot of stuff to do at work next week, and I look forward to that. The people should be back, and that will also be nice. Most of last week it was just me and the neighbor lady, and we are pretty quiet.


Parker said...


It really is a cute lil carrot. :D

Rachel said...

awwww, that is such a sweet story! I love kids of that age :)

nyjlm said...

oh my gosh, what a stinkin cute story.
I needed that!

Dragonfly said...

Oh, that's a sweet story! I love that age, they are so full of learning and wonder and getting their own ideas.

Sam said...

I love that story. How sweet.