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Friday, January 9, 2009

Inner Peace. Originally Typed as "Peas"

I wrote this on Facebook and had to edit it so that it would fit into the allowed space. I thought I'd share it here, too, with additional commentary.

I read this artcle today:
Midwinter Options: When You Can't Find Peace Without, Choose Peace Within - The Huffington Post

It is a lovely and thoughtful essay on how our surroundings, people around us, and world events contribute to making it very hard to relax and feel "at peace" today. The author talks about the phrase "peace be with you" and wonders how you just MAKE yourself feel peaceful. Go read it; I don't mind.

I see this lack of calm in my friends, many of whom have job or health issues, or (especially those in high school) are getting all angsty about finals. It helps to find some moments of peace. To do that you need to get AWAY from all the things feeding your unrest. How?

Take time every day to turn off that endless feed of stress. Stop reading your email, checking the news, constantly checking everyone's Facebook status, and IMing your stressed out friends. Go in a quiet room, clear your mind and relax. Even ten minutes can help. I try to do this every day, and lately a lot. (I have meditated for years, and only in the past three or four has that not been enough, even for a Highly Sensitive Person like me, to keep on a reasonably even keel.)

There's so much to multitask about. It gets overwhelming. If we can clear our minds and fill ourselves with some peace, it's easier to know what you can do something about and what to let go of.

That's as far as I got on Facebook, and I doubt those who need it will even read it. Here's what I was trying to say in too few words: I really think that the bombardment of bad news, war, financial ruin, personal problems, and life events can sometimes make it hard to think. What to focus on? What to do next? That's why I am urging all the people I know to take a break. Step back. Go inward for a while, in whatever way works for you: meditation, prayer, a nap, drawing, knitting (but NOT with the media blaring at you while doing these things).

I usually find that when I do that, it is easier to discern where to apply your limited energy in the ways it can do the most good. Sometimes that might be doing something about the outer world: giving money to Church World Service to help the people (with families, just like you and me but of a different society) trapped in Gaza, for example. Sometimes it might mean focusing on the immediate: setting friend issues aside to concentrate on meeting a deadline. Sometimes it might mean finding what is positive in your life and reveling in that. The answer will differ every day. But turning off the "noise" for a while every day can help you find that answer.

It's not a solution to hunger, poverty, war or illness, but it's a means to help us live each day more fully participating, not just observing and worrying.

Suna feels preachy today. She'll get over it. Hope you enjoy another photo of the Many Moods of Scrunchy. This time: Scrunchy has goop in his eye.


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