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Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Feast! Friday's Feast!

Thanks to my fine husband, who decided to do it himself, Friday's Feast is back. Let's see what questions his cold-medicine delirium came up with for me to answer (and note that you are welcome to do this and post to your own blog!)...

Appetizer: Who is the person physically nearest you right now? What is that person doing?
Daniel is quietly typing. That's all he does, other than occasionally make a munching sound. Quietest coworker ever (I am writing this on lunch break).

Soup: Hit Shuffle on your mp3 player. What do you like most about the song came up? (If you don’t have an mp3 player, use the song currently on your favorite radio station.)
My MP3 player is at home. And I can't get radio in here. The song in my head is "Oklahoma" and I have no clue as to why it's there. But, it's a frequent feature on Suna's internal radio. I hope others have internal radios, too.

Salad: What is your favorite restaurant?
It used to be the Greek restaurant right down Golf Road from Meacham in Schaumburg, Illinois. But, I'll never get to eat THERE again due to anti-Suna rays or something. So, here in the greater Austin/Round Rock area, I think it would be Z Tejas. Every entree I ever had there was superb, and I love the vegetables and potatoes, too. I also love Kerbey Lane, but both of those are out because they are too loud for Lee to enjoy (the Kerbey Lane near us just moved and suddenly became cacophonous) . Of the restaurants I actually get to eat at, it would be a tie between Kim Phung (Vietnamese/Chinese) and Johnny T's Barbecue (home of the barbecue from our wedding). (I'd will say I like to GO to Mesa Rosa, but I wish they have a more varied menu.)

Entré: What are you most looking forward to in the Obama administration? What do you most fear? (Even Republicans has something to hope for, and even Democrats have something that they fear.)
I look forward to being able to actually trust my government's leaders to be acting with the country and world's best interests at heart, and not just with the interest of the richest people on earth at heart. My fear is that hate-filled nut-cases will do foolish things, which seems to happen to so many people with strong moral compasses and the guts to stand up to extremists.

Dessert: What made you laugh hardest in the last 24 hours?
It was not a particularly funny 24 hours. There were layoffs at work that directly affected people I care about, my husband was very sick, the sick dog peed all over the carpet, and I had a semi-frustrating visit to the cable company offices. I remember laughing at something Stephen Colbert said, but I can't remember what it was. Gee, most days I'd do better on this question.

PS: I didn't have a Wednesday Wonder this week because I was too sick and tired on Wednesday to post. It would have been Obama anyway. And I think we've all heard enough presidential gushing for a while. Next week, someone less predictable!


Parker said...

I have internal radio.

Broadcasting 24/7.

Unfortunately, we keep picking up frequencies from the crazy channel and the musica espanol.

The static gives me a headache.

Lee said...

“Oklahoma” was also on my internal playlist for years—and “Tell Me Why,” (which I could never remember the words to, probably because I don’t speak French), “Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair,” and “76 Trombones.” I don’t really like any of those songs, but they sure stick in your craw.