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Friday, January 16, 2009

Ooh, We Had a Theory

Sweet 18
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Today I was chatting with my office-mate and neighbor, who is always interesting to talk to late on a Friday afternoon. I was telling her about how Tuba Boy has lots of mature aspects, but exhibits a severe lack of the ability to plan ahead, and not much spatial sense. I pointed out that he had a band event to go to this evening, but had no idea where it was until some point this morning, and I was pretty sure he had no clue how to get there as of 4 pm (he had to be there at 6). I indicated he'd probably text one of the other kids a few minutes before he had to leave, get directions, and be just fine.

Office-Mate pondered that. She mused aloud at how the teens all communicate constantly on their phones and computers, so they really don't need to know everything. As long as one of them has a clue, the others have access to that knowledge practically instantly. We nodded at that wisdom for a while.

Then, her eyes grew wide. "You know what our kids are turning into? It's like that Star Trek thing..."

"The Borg?" I asked. "Yeah! They are like one communal mind!"

Then she reverently wondered about how much of their valuable brain power is being saved by not having to keep all their upcoming events, dates, assignments, phone numbers, addresses, and such, all in their heads. We had to remember much of this (or remember to write it in our little Hallmark yearly calendars that fit into our denim purses).

Wow, they could be having all sorts of innovative ideas that could save society. Or their heads could be full of the lyrics to every song on their iPod.


Lee said...

But will our uniqueness add to their perfection?

Astreil said...

Laughing heartily at the Borg reference!!! You're right, though. The possibilities are mind-boggling.