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Sunday, August 13, 2006

I Can Be So Droll

Rather than sharing a typical photo of my new socks (you can find them in the Flikr feed in the left column if you can't wait for a big photo here), I thought I'd share a goofy photo of me in the hankie or DOILY that I made as a yarn store experiment. Am I droll, or what? Cheri and Jody and I were getting extra goofy toward the end of the yarn shop day! I think the hankie makes a dandy mantilla. Good thing I memorialized the pink shirt I was wearing, since I managed to poke a hole in it while sewing in the handles and snap to my felted intarsia bag last night and ruined it. Wah.

In the photo I am also holding a little bag I made while teaching Knitting II. It holds my cell phone or the wonderful MP3 player. The yarn is luscious--dark purple wool with shiny purple lurex in it--but just a little, not too much. There is a closer photo of it in Flikr, too, and I will post that here later. I also hope to share a photo of Jody wearing the Icarius shawl in a really nice way that I will try to emulate at some point. What a fashionista she is. She looks like a fashion model in the photo anyway, so I can't imagine WHY she wouldn't share.

It's been an OK weekend all around. I finished a lot of knitting projects (will share the intarsia bag later, too) and got a ways on the mohair shawl I am now plugging away on (current Knitter's mag, the ugly brown one, only not in ugly brown). I got yarn (pink Misty Alpaca laceweight) to make the little shawl in the current Interweave Knits. Geez, and I want to make another faroese shawl...AND something else in Zephyr. At the rate I am going I will have as many shawls as hand-knit socks!

I am looking forward to maybe dyeing some yarn next weekend, if Tina and I get our acts together and do so. I mentioned it to some yarn shop folks, too. Hoping to come to my house with Kool Aid and lots of tubs to dye stuff. I have that very thin yarn (I swear it is laceweight) I tried to make a sock out of and didn't like (will unwind sock), and I guess I will get some Cascade and dye something thicker, too. I'd like to make a shawl in neutral colors, but can't believe I'd dye anything a calm color. Whee, in any case. I hope to get ahold of more yarn somehow.

Last night we went to Donn's Depot to see the great Albert and Gage (live at the Live Oak Coffeehouse next Friday!) as Gage's birthday was being celebrated. It is always interesting to be around Dear Partner's friends. They are all nice, but I have very little to say to them, because I don't know most of them well enough to ask pertinent questions and they just know me as "JGT's Girlfriend." It is weird to listen to live music nowadays. I get all sad that I have no opportunity to sing anymore. I keep wishing it was ME singing. The ole Partner did get to sing, which was good for him. His bass player pal whispered to me, "That will make his night," which was true. The most pleasant part for me was a very warm greeting from the bartender, a nice young woman I had met at the Albert and Gage holiday party last year. It was so nice o be remembered! I do need to get the Partner out more--he loves it, and should do it more often. Plus, it is good podcast networking.

Sigh, he would not do a second request on his fund drive for the podcasts, so he got hardly anything in contributions. I ordered him the stereo digital recorder he wanted for his birthday, and he went ahead and got the software upgrades he needs--at least the couple of hundred that came in helped defray that. But with so few gigs now, it is hard for him to spend money--but this will help him MAKE it, I hope. See, I am being positive!

OK, here is a photo of the hanky item, which is a prototype of a shetland shawl I might teach a class in. It is very yellow, because it's a store sample and yellow sells the least, LOL. I just thought you might want to see it not poised on my head. Thanks to Cheri for the photos.

And one more thing, I did get Plammy the Palm Pilot back up in working order. Whew. The kids were great about looking up the instructions for me.

And school starts tomorrow. Sure starts early in Texas.

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