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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pens, Pens Pens and Dyeing Photos

Good-ish. Not dwelling on yuck-ish aspects of life today.

I am thrilled to say I got my pens in the mail yesterday from the cool Japanese pen website I found last week (go there to see the cute chopstick pencils). Here is sort of a photo of the set I got, only it had brighter colors--a green and a light blue instead of the much preferred maroon and dark blue pictured, wah. Still, they write so nicely. .38 mm is such a nice width for ink to spew forth in. I now have lots of purple and dark green, plus these. All set with good pens with Japanese writing on them everywhere I need to write stuff, now.

And it is Dear Partner's birthday, so if you know him, feel free to wish him a happy 55th. I think he had fun celebrating--he was out until 4 am after spending the evening (as far as I know) at good ole Donn's Depot.

I am also happy to note that Jody posted a description of and photos of the dyeing fun we had on Saturday. It's the August 21 post on this site. See my kitchen! See my dog's tongue! Here is a picture of the lace/sock weight yarn I dyed and got the muted, oddball colors I had been looking for, which are a sea green kind of effect, a dark green and a reddish brown. Can't wait.

I finished winding all the yarn I dyed and overdyed with the young son last night. I will post a photo of the lovely yarn cakes that resulted this evening, I hope. I think all my various sunny variegated Ella Rae worsted wools will knit up to be a fun felted bag.

I have been very flattered at the younger son's interest in tarot lately. He asked for a deck and is now using the very Irish one I used for a while. He is being quite studious, and has good intuitions on it, too. It is so nice talking to him that we ended up enjoying a very long traffic delay yesterday. He said, "Mom, look on the bright side; it was family bonding time!" Of course, costly bonding with the price of gas, but all good.


Tina said...
I'll get some pictures up later today - including more of your dog's tongue! Tell DP I said happy birthday!
Tuesday, August 22, 2006 12:26:00 PM

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