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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Life Is Full of Ups and Downs

It's true, it is. So here is a photo of me looking very happy with my yarn. Thanks to Tina for this one.

That is good, because some of today I was not happy. Other parts, I was OK.

I got some disheartening news from an old friend today that explained a lot of what has happened to me this year. I am just sad, sad that I was so much less appreciated for my efforts than I thought I was. But I rallied, because I do, really.

That news made it easy to accept when the computer at work committed suicide, and I was proud of how I got help, helped myself and got all set up and back running on a new computer (not new, but different) really quickly! And we all got second monitors today--if the correct video cards will show up we will even be able to use them! ALE is turning into an equipment paradise! Not to mention that I now have a wonderful ergonomic footstool! Nothing hurts now when I type! And soon I will be able to see lots and lots o' stuff.

Things really do seem to be looking up here in temporary job land. I got assigned some interesting policy stuff to do with my favorite manly coworker, so I will have a chance to learn some more from him and the others we will be working with. I am learning a lot by listening hard and making a lot of mental notes. There really are a lot of smart people here, and I love to learn from smart people. And today a smart coworker said I was an overachiever and that my work was really good. Since I had NO idea whether I was doing OK or not on this week's project, that was good news! Lordy, self esteem is crawling back...

I am enjoying the personal life stuff, too. The kids, partner and I are all getting along well. However, look at this, which I sent to an email list:

Dear Partner sent me the following cheery note this morning:

"I awoke at 8:15 or so to the sound of a quiet "hello?" and the sound of the front door being pulled closed. Evidently whoever left last didn't close the door completely and it opened up and Scrunchy went rambling and was evidently returned (again) by someone. So I was up and went about my usual morning routine. When I went out the front door to get the paper and reset the downstairs AC I found a stack of moth traps in the alcove. Maybe it was him [the pest control dude] who put the dog back?

"Anyway I was drinking my coffee and reading the paper for a while with Scrunchy at my feet as usual when I realized that he sounded like he was munching on something. Now don't freak or anything but he was macking on a dead rat right under the kitchen table. Pretty fair sized one and not a lot left either. I disposed of the thing right away and if I could wash out the dogs mouth with something I would have. I am guessing that it slipped in while the door was open but as to who killed it in the first place is anyone's guess, Shamus isn't talking."

[Shamus = Seamus, my cat]

So, that is gross, huh. I am pretty sure the rat/large mouse came in when the door was open--the youngest boy probably shut the door too softly in an attempt to be quiet when he left this morning. I am glad the pest control dude found the dog (he knows and loves him--had the same guy since Scrunchy was a puppy). I am also glad for the moth traps. We thought we had them under control, but were wrong. I hate them.

Otherwise, had a nice time at Chicks with Sticks last night though it was a bit loud for my INFP self. So I left a little early, which enabled me to eat dinner with the familia. That is good. More thoughts, but must work.

translation: Lee fixed my computer for me, and I was so grateful that he would spend that much time on helping a coworker. When I said I enjoyed my coworkers, it meant all of them. Admittedly, I enjoyed talking to Lee because we have a lot in common. But I was firmly convinced he was the happiest married dude on earth, and that I was stuck with "dear partner" so that I'd never be tempted to have an actual relationship again.


Tina said...
Guess what! I got the job at iTunes!
Friday, August 25, 2006 11:55:00 AM

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