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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

High School Television Fun

Now, that's one fine looking sousaphone player, isn't it? Everone at work kept saying, "He looks JUST like you only his hair is a different color!" That made me laugh, since our hair is actually the same color--they've just never seen my actual hair.

I posted this because I saw the new television show, "Friday Night Lights" last night, and it's all about high school football. Not only that, but it was filmed right here in my home county. Lots of folks we know were in the crowd scenes, but I didn't spot anyone. I did, however, recognize each football stadium shown (they showed more than one, though supposedly it was the same. Definitely recognized the weird berms of dirt at the Pflugerville stadium. The show was pretty good, and does not really exaggerrate much about the importance of high school football around here.

We are fifth in central Texas, btw, after barely beating a much better team last week. In the photo at left, the older boy is in front of the cross town rivals' stadium, a rather rickety one, but where you feel nice and close to the action. We play in "the Palace" for our home games. The fanciest high school stadium I ever saw. Has a HUGE Jumbotron thing that plays instand replays and such. But you are farther from the action. I have to say the pageantry of Texas high school football has not lost its appeal to me so far. Even a cynic like me gets caught up in all the flags, the horsie that runs up and down the field, etc.

So, if you want to watch another television show that is soap-opera-like, check out "Friday Night Lights" and see what it looks like where I live.


DianeS said...
I enjoyed the heck out of Friday Night Lights, myself. Except that I kept forgetting it wasn't real. I was yelling at the kids that they needed a defense and stuff. When the kid got a bad hit and was lying face down and still, I remembered very well what it was like when one of your fellow students was clearly injured, though I don't recall anyone being that bad off. It was as if the last 34 years hadn't happened and I was back in the band!
Tuesday, October 10, 2006 10:33:00 PM

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