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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mission Statement

At the last week work group meeting, the boss asked us to consider writing a mission statement. Thinking she’d check, I mentally worked on one on the bus to last week’s football game (good distraction), then I wrote this down.

Never stop learning: To become a better person
Never stop caring: To better help others
Never stop working: To move toward a better world

It works for me—hits on my three goals—to help myself, others, and the world be their best. Notice I didn’t mention “love.” I want to care, but not so much that it causes problems.

You know, it seems really pretentious to have a personal mission statement. But, it was a good exercise to distill my life goals into something short and pithily repetitive.

translation: "I want to care, but not so much that it causes problems," means I don't want to mess with anyone already in a relationship.

I’ve been working really hard this week and listening to fairly loud music to drown out the incredible amount of noise in our row this week (lots of loud international phone calls, meetings with excited Indian people, plus the usual coworker shenanigans). As I do so, I keep running across lyrics from songs that I like. Nothing so profound as that Dave Carter song from yesterday, but I find a lot of those Indigo Girls lyrics from my Mental Crisis Era still whack me, like these two from the same song:

I’m haunted by geography
And the flora and the fauna of your heart


My regrets become distractions
And I cannot do them justice.

That one used to be in my email .sig. Sure describes the current modality.

The best one is this one, off a KGSR live compilation:

“my left brain knows all love is fleeting.”

That’s about it. I hope to improve my mood by seeing knitting friends tonight. I have missed them. Will have to continue to miss Jody for a while, but maybe I will be able to see Cheri later in the week. Maybe Tina and Katie will both be there tonight. They cheer me up.


Katie said...
I'm so honored to be mentioned in your blog! You cheer me up too! 24 minutes until I can head to the LYS - See you soon!
Wednesday, October 18, 2006 4:42:00 PM

Barbara said...
Love the mission statement -- I can relate to much you wrote, but you knew that. :) You are not alone.
Saturday, October 21, 2006 3:23:00 PM

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