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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Trust, and More Good in the World

Odd combo of topics, I know. But that's how I roll, man. Deal with it.


So, here are my latest socks. They are just plain socks, in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, in a colorway custom dyed for the store I bought it from. I forget which one--a real store with an online presence. It is interesting that the two balls of yarn pooled slightly differently (which you could tell if you could see both--I'll upload the photo of both socks to Flikr shortly). I like the perky colors, which remind me of a box of crayons.

I sure love to knit socks. Always working on a pair in my spare time. Which is not much lately--I have so many things to do on my only day off that I get totally overwhelmed. Lost a web client because I simply didn't have enough hours in my life to plow through all the stuff and put it up. Tells me I need to retire from all these web sites. I have, at least, cut down a lot.


It being the "Day of Attonement" of course the minister talked about forgiveness today (and we had to sing Unitarianized Hebrew songs). And while it was a semi-pointed message about the unpleasant events of the church past, she also said a couple of interesting things that apply to other things as well. One thing was that it's important to remember that you can forgive without going back to trusting someone (or an institution, in the case of a few of my issues). She did this long meditation about forgiveness, some of which was actually pretty good, but it made me feel like once again the ministers were chastising the congregation. I've only been back a month, and I am already weary of it because they go to such incredible lengths to carefully point fingers at all parties (people who don't like change, people who want to do things their way...blah blah). Oh well, I will sit back and wait to see if they dump consensus as a decision making process or not. Heck, today it was so predominantly "new" people that I hazard to guess that 90% of the people there wouldn't care about it one way or another.

I know things change, and that the past can't come back, but I do miss my old community, heck, even some of the ones who used to drive me batty. I thought the people who founded Ye Olde Spiritual Community were pretty cool people, with a wonderful vision and a lot of feisty persistence and all encompassing love for each other and the community. Yeah, love sorta messed things up, too, but really, it was a nice community of like-minded folks for a while there. I am glad I got to be a part of it for a while. I am even feeling well enough to deal with most of the folks I have trust issues with (yes, even he-who-reads-blog-but-never-comments)--because, as the minister said, the only way to get it back is time--let it build back up. It's part of growing stronger and better as a human being.

More Good in the World

I can't get over how much I am enjoying the boys these days. The older one still listens to me, and will sit with me while he plays WOW and IMs friends, and talk to me about the ethics of what he's doing. Or he'll ask my advice in the car--today about what kind of college would be best for him. And he takes my input into considerations! He's kind, too. I was a bit down after the Spiritual Community events today, since I'd gone to a meeting where we talked about dissolving a project I've been involved with a long time. More change. So, he encouraged me to have lunch with him at a place I would like, and proceded to say cheery things to me and even discuss his love life (I let him know he had one--he was blissfully unaware). That shows a pretty well balanced teen boy. I said, "So and so likes you," and he agreed that it was a nice choice, could be much worse, and it was good news. He didn't blush, clam up or get all whacky about it. What a guy. Just watching him deal with other people shows me he has a good head on his shoulders--if someone puts him down, he manages to defend himself without a counter put-down. This is just good stuff!

Also good in the world are all the reminders I am getting that I am not alone, and that people care about me. For example, at the Spiritual Community another couple of nice elderly ladies told me they had missed me. And one, the nice one who knits a lot, mentioned that sometimes you think a lot about someone and wish them well but never manage to let them know. That's true. And a shame. I also received a couple of very nice email messages from friends who reminded me how much they care. It reminds me of what he-who-reads-blog-but-never-comments has said before and repeated very recently, which is that perhaps things do happen for a reason. OK, agnostic Suna put in "perhaps." But, it is worth remembering that even painful experiences or events that seem like they ended up not being worth it have good aspects, and that all these things bring interesting new people into your life who you'd never get to know otherwise. And to me, the people are what count the most. So, yay to all the Former Work people, Ye Olde Spiritual Community members, the Yarn Store employees and customers, the school band parents, Austin's Largest Employer's employees, the Dear Partner's musical friends and associates--you all rock and I have learned a lot from you.


ps: I realize I thank my friends a lot in this blog, but where else can I do it in one swell foop???

pps: thanks to Cheri and Jody for being so nice to my sister yesterday--vibes for her to get a new job soon will be appreciated.


Barbara said...
Love the socks - great colorway. :)I love the way the minister said this: as the minister said, the only way to get it back is time--let it build back up. It's part of growing stronger and better as a human being. I will need to muse on that for a bit. Sounds like a lovely lunch with a very grown up teenager. kudos!
Sunday, October 01, 2006 10:34:00 PM

Still paddlin' said...
Awesome socks! Bet they're comfy, too.I can't say it enough. Thank YOU for all you've done, and are doing. I know that you have affected my life in ways that you probably don't realize. I'm sure others feel the same. You taught me some valuable lessons...ones I am glad I have learned, and am finding them very useful today. You are appreciated.You deserve a lot of credit for moving forward in a good way, despite the events that have transpired. Way to paddle your own canoe. ;)Rock on!
Monday, October 02, 2006 1:44:00 AM

annulla said...
Wow, what great socks! Interesting post, gorgeous socks.
Tuesday, October 03, 2006 11:29:00 AM

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