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Monday, October 9, 2006

Knitting Thoughts, Not too Exciting, WOW

I took notes on what I wanted to write about, but of course I left them at work. So let’s talk about knitting.

I bought A-Maiz-ing yarn made out of 100% corn (our friend, maize) on Saturday, and am making a test washcloth out of it. The label says machine wash and dry, so I want to see if that is true or not. It has a nice texture to knit with, though it squeaks on bamboo needles. The matte appearance is also a nice change from so many shiny yarns of late. And the solid colors are very well saturated and rich. I got a multi-color one for fun and am making up a pattern with a cable in it.

A friend found silver double pointed needles on the Wendy Knits blog, and I was drooling over those. Thank goodness they sold out. But, I ordered a bunch of yarn from Jody’s yarn co-op thing, which will make up for not getting silver knitting needles. I will have plenty of shawl material for quite some time after that!!

I also have been trying out the KnitPicks needles (I am the only person I know, it seems, who didn’t rush out and buy the set, but I use such tiny needles most of the time that I’d have to buy all the separate circulars anyway). But, I am using a size 4.0 mm on my alpaca laceweight item, and the joins really are great. But, they are slippery on that extremely fine yarn. So, I am not sure if I ought to get them or not. Ideally, those joins on wooden needles would be perfect. I love wooden needles, since my knitting is looser than “normal.”

I am almost to the armholes on my angora vest, which seems big to me, but is the exact width the instructions call for. And I am doing fairly well on the laceweight item (blanket, shawl), after taking a while to get used to that fine yarn. I am progressing quite well on my Sockotta socks in a very interesting long-repeat berry, fuschia, yellow and orange stripe, halfway through the leg on sock two.

I had lots and lots of other stuff to write, honest, but it will have to wait until tomorrow when I can get to where the notes are. There’s just so much work to do at work that I don’t even have time to find break time to write anything (which is good—I love being busy and doing interesting stuff, and today I learned more very interesting things and felt productive. Woo.

As for WOW I had meant to post last week about the other television thing that has me chuckling, the Southpark episode on World of Warcraft has gotten all the kids in the neighborhood in an uproar. They all felt like "they" were on TV. The older son watched it while playing the game with friends, so they did real-time commentary IN the WOW World. It's been the talk of the town for anyone of WOW age (I guess that's under 40). Those Southpark dudes sure know their current events, even if they are a bit tasteless at times. But then so is that Mencia fellow, who alternates between insight and insult.

Tomorrow stuff on my brilliant ideas for inventions, weird-ass coincidences that knock me sideways, and something interesting.


Barbara said...
corn yarn? how cool is that! can't wait to see a FO. :)
Tuesday, October 10, 2006 11:11:00 PM

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