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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Things That Make You Smile

Greetings from stormy central Texas. My radio keeps blanking out when lightning strikes. No complaints. Rain is SO good. And it has cooled down a bit, too. Such a relief. I am ready to wear different stuff!

Sometimes fun events happen and you can’t help but smile about them, even long after they happen. Like last Friday, when I went to the yarn store after work. One of the regulars (a beautiful, vivacious woman often described as “larger than life”) had just brought in about twenty pairs of shoes. Why? There was a $9.99 sale at Dillards, and she had called and asked for sizes, then bought shoes for everyone at the shop (and LOTS for the store owner and her daughters!). They had so much fun trying on shoes. Well, a couple more of us had showed up since she went to the store, so she got OUR shoe sizes, packed up her very patient little daughter and went BACK to the store. She even got shoes for a lady who’d never been to the store before! I got a pair of pointy-toed salmon/orange pumps with wooden kitten heels, which she picked because they match the Swallowtail shawl (how sweet!) and she also bought me some shiny gold espadrilles with long laces, because I’d said I’d like some espadrilles. They are a hoot. It was a real blast as everyone tried on their shoes and decided if they liked them or not—I liked mine just fine and have worn the orange ones twice already. The only misfire was that the store owner ended up taking her daughter two right shoes instead of a pair—not too bad, considering the chaos! See what I mean—things like this remind you that there are a lot of good people in the world, and that generosity abounds, even when sometimes it seems to hide.

What else makes me smile? Recently it’s been my own thought processes. I have been having some weird bursts of creativity. I heard a thing on NPR about new radar that can detect tailgaters, so they can be ticketed. Tailgating is a huge issue and a real danger today, and it is the norm here. If you leave more than one car length between you and the car in front of you, someone will get in there. I had this vision of a way to deter this behavior. You put sensors in cars that detect when there is an object less than a certain distance away when you are going over a certain speed (it could change as you speed up). It would make a horrible sound that would drive you nuts until you backed off. I think that would be a good item, and I smile to think of how irritating it would be to the majority of drivers around here.

I am moving toward becoming “me” again. Bill D. talked to me at church about getting back together to practice. We haven’t practiced our music since last September. For one, Austin has been too busy being a Re-Liv person and doting on his fiancee (which is a nice thing to do, of course). For another, I really lost confidence in my ability to sing after Jeff’s “critiques” of our singing (and mine in particular). I heard a tape and was not thrilled myself because I was my own worst critic—but on the other hand, we have had a lot of fun working out songs and harmonies for the past many years. So, I even checked with my music friend at work, and he might be willing to play bass with us. That was a big step—just asking. Maybe we can sing/play again and I can get my voice back (it is pretty gone, but I am sure I have all those parts still memorized).

translation: Yes, I asked Lee to be in my music group. I admit that I did it because I enjoy being wtih him. But, as a friend, at this point. By this time we are pretty close friends and enjoy hanging out together. No touching, nope.


Barbara said...
Hey, I think I heard that same NPR story about tailgaters! I like your idea - now, how do you go about getting that into the real world? I'm glad you are feeling like 'you' again. I like you and I think you have a beautiful voice, although I wish I'd get to hear it live and in person.
Tuesday, October 10, 2006 11:10:00 PM

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