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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Can't stop smiling at...

Both Boys
Originally uploaded by sunasak
...the kids. How did I luck out and get such beautiful children?

Everything else is OK, long as I know my family is around. They leave tomorrow for time with their dad, and I worry when they are flying during crowded holidays. So, I'll look at these pictures and think loving thoughts.

I was going to be spending Thanksgiving alone so Lee could go be with his dad, but Jeff's coming home tomorrow, which means he will visit the dogs on Thursday and I can go with Lee. I have no idea what we will eat, but we will be together!

I left my phone at home and had forgotten to reset my email so I could read it from work. I was so worried I'd miss a job opportunity. Yay, Lee got the phone and fixed the email! What a guy! And he is staying home so our new bargain zoomy red laptop can be delivered. Maybe that purchase will help fund me another contract at ALE. Yeah, sure.


Anonymous said...

Well, Reason #1 Why The Children Are So Gorgeous is, of course, because their mom is a knockout.

What fantastic pictures of the boys. They both look so much more grown up than I remember!

Glad to hear that you're going to get to spend Thanksgiving together with Lee, and that Jeff is able to check in on the frisky dogs. Hope he and his mom are doing okay.

Enjoy the zippy red laptop -- Love, Elisabeth

Sam said...

I am with Elisabeth!! The reason you got such beautiful children is because you are GORGEOUS!!!!

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with great travel time with Lee and that you are able to have a great weekend too!!