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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy New Year again!

Front Door on Halloween
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Most of us had a pretty good Samhain/Halloween evening. Poor Lee did not, as he was unsuccessful in his bid to fix his motorcycle's dead battery. It was very frustrating for him, and I felt so sad that he didn't get to enjoy the fun with the rest of us!

I came home from a fine work day featuring much candy and food and set out to make some lentil chili (too offset all that candy) and to finish decorating the exterior and interior of the house for the holiday. Beccano was a big help--he had brought home a really well done jack-o-lantern and was happy to help me string lights, set out candles and get the decor JUST right. The first picture shows how nice the front door looked, with bad lights and garland around the door and a black feather wreath on it, flowers and a black feather own, an axe, and hard to see, but behind the geranium on the right, a hand that moved its fingers when the door slams, or you stomp. ELAB had fun getting all those items! Beccano's pumpkin is the top one.

We still had one un-carved pumpkin. Debate Girl (who spent most of the evening in a pumpkin suit) was here with Tuba Boy, and she managed to convince him to stop playing Guitar Hero 3 and carve the pumpkin. He was a bit reluctant at first, and really did NOT like scooping out pumpkin guts (see photo). Beccano informed him that it was NOT all that bad, so Tuba Boy jumped in and scraped like a professional pumpkin-meister.

Then, Tuba Boy could not figure out what to carve. We gave suggestions, but Debate Girl really wanted him to come up with his own design. He started to make a ghost, but realized it looked more like the monster in the Pac Man game. So, he made a Pac Man jack-o-lantern. It came out great, as you can see from the happy two-some who made it! And he even admitted that he had fun playing with the knife, ha ha. Really, it was fun to be cooking and listening to their teen banter. The kids get along so well.

The older kids went out to get candy, while Ninja Beccano stayed with me to hand things out. Lee eventually came home, but really was not in the mood for the festivities, so we didn't do tarot or anything. Maybe over the weekend. In addition, at the height of the doorbell ringing time, my dad called. I really needed to talk to him, but no one else was answering the door, so it got quite disjointed. I'd have to stop Flo in the middle of a long, extended story, answer the doorbell, chat to kids, then come back. She'd pick right up.

Still worried about dad, but I made sure he would have things to do if they move to the Quaker old people village. It sounds like they are condos or apartments or something like that. He showed them to my brother last week, but he apparently didn't cope real well with it. The upshot is that I will end up with a lot more furniture at some point. Oh yes, my home will hold three households' worth...nope. Some things will need to go! But, that's for later. I do want to keep both my and Lee's heirlooms in the family, so we will work it out.

If you want to see more Halloween pix, just click here and it will be obvious where they start in the collection.

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Saranda said...

Ninja Girl and I really enjoyed the photos. The pumpkins are awesome, but Tuba Boy actually touching the slimy seeds was a highlight of my day!

You are featuring some very talented pumpkin artists. I might have to hire them next year.