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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where I Need to Go!

I saw this on someone's blog and gave it a try. This map shows in red all the US states you have visited. It is clear that I need a road trip to the Pacific Northwest.

create your own personalized map of the USA

My world map would be boring, so I didn't do it. Mexico, Canada, Ireland, England, Wales, Switzerland. The end.

Also, another blog pointed me to this fine article about Iceland being the best place to live. That may explain my fascination with Iceland, ever since I was pretty small (the Burnells, whom I blogged about as my early influences on one of my blogs not too long ago, were stationed there when they met, and loved it). I loved Ireland and Japan, but hearing about Iceland also intrigued me. You just don't read about it as much. Wonder if they need English technical writers there? MMM, hot springs. MMM, knitting. MMM, lovely winter darkness and summer light.

Yep, while I am stewing over the No Job for Suna situation you will get amusements from other people's blogs. Lee, no need for you to post your solid red map on your blog. (Lee's been everywhere, man, Lee's been everywhere.)


Jennifer said...

My map's all red up and down the East coast, and then some red in the West (CA, AZ), and a big open space in the middle there. We need to go on a road trip, you and I.

Suna said...

Yeah, that would be great fun! Let's go!

Lee said...

Just remember that a solid red map would not indicate that I was either a Republican or a Communist--not even a Communist Republican.

Lee said...

PS. Sometime, I would like to go back to some of those places and actually see what they look like. You don't see much from the Interstate at 3AM.