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Monday, November 19, 2007

Dizzy Weirdness

Last year I had a whole day I was extremely dizzy, so much so that Lee had to take me home from work. I thought it must be some love virus at the time. However, I have the same love interest I did last year, and I am feeling that way again. All light-headed and slightly nauseated. The previous event was November 17. It's November 19. Weird. Almost exactly a year between incidents.

I hope eating will help with this one, so I can drive home.


nyjlm said...

weird that it is a year apart. Do you have a cold coming on? A dr once said I'd experienced vertigo b/c of a cold. I was doubtful b/c I didn't feel sick, but I think it was definitely something w/my vestibular.

hope you are feeling better!

Sam said...

and now that it is end-of-day, are you feeling any better??

Weird the timing of it all though.

I love that you have been so blissed out for more than a year!!

Suna said...

I am OK today. My head has gotten stuffy, so we now think that had something to do with it. Or stress. My anxiety shows up in lots of fascinating symptoms.