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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm So Wonder-ful

Oh poopy, I would rather have been Supergirl. I still am her in my heart.

Your results:
You are Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 95%
Superman 85%
Supergirl 80%
Robin 75%
Spider-Man 70%
The Flash 70%
Green Lantern 65%
Batman 60%
Hulk 60%
Catwoman 45%
Iron Man 30%

You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

Nothing much else to write about other than I was thrilled to discover that Beccano has stopped biting his nails. I was his age when I stopped (went directly to talons and never looked back). The guitar did it. He wants to be able to pick.


Yesterday a year ago, Lee told me he wanted to make a go of it as a couple, and that he was putting things in motion to make it so. He was very brave, and I really admired him for making a difficult decision. Neither of us regrets it.

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