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Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Starting to Get Funny

I don't think things have been stable and OK more than about three weeks at a time in ages.

Finally Lee and I both have jobs and each have some prospects to work on.

But today I was told they are ending my contract early on December 21. Well, happy holidays to me.

Please send vibes that the possibilities I am looking into work out, or that the company I am currently working with finds me something else ASAP.

I am just TIRED of the constant stress of instability and the Unknown. I am sure these will all be hilarious stories...later.


nyjlm said...

oh gosh Suna! I am sending many vibes and good thoughts your way- may this story turn into one of laughs and not heartbreak quickly!

Saranda said...

I'm so sorry about all your job stress. I'm lighting candles for you. It's good to hear that you have prospects.

*sending positive energy in your general direction just in case it actually works*

Sam said...

The vibes are still flying your way my wonderful friend!!


Hugs too!!