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Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Poor Kids

A highlight of today is that I just about have my new laptop set up to where I can use it for most purposes. Lee was so sweet to get it for me. It is amazing what you can get nowadays for not too much money. This new computer is faster and has more features than the one I got for work a couple of years ago, but is less than half the price. And it's RED! Now I can type in the media room, though Poor Lee has done a lot of work to try to get the wireless connection better up here. We have a plan to get it all back up and pretty, though. Whoop!

Here's what I really wanted to talk about. Yesterday was a challenge to my poor boys. I know they are getting older and more competent at stuff, but they had to face a lot of things that would be no fun for a grownup. Sigh, I hate having to send them on planes to visit their dad, even though of course I want them to spend time together. Yesterday was a perfect example of why I worry so much about them traveling. They had lunch at an A&W place, then showed up at the airport in Raleigh-Durham with their dad. Tuba Boy then began to be violently ill--they think he got bad meat at the restaurant. Next, it turned out that their plane had a bird fly into its engine and needed a total engine rebuild. Yummy thing for the airline on a busy holiday travel day! So, their plane was delayed. Thankfully their dad was still there and could help them rebook on a new flight. I wonder how in the world they would have done it alone. I don't think Beccano really has the skills for it. They'd be at the mercy of airline personnel (most of whom are real nice, though).

So, they got significantly delayed and had to sit a long time, with Tuba Boy being so sick. And they had to go through O'Hare, which made for a lot more time on planes, too. Apparently Tuba Boy vomited his way across the USA. Poor boy, and poor Beccano trying to take care of him.

Tuba Boy looked just AWFUL when he got off the plane. He got home, barfed some more, and went to bed. He's still there. We decided to stay home with him and not go to church. I want to be here if he needs me.

My own day yesterday had many frustrations--trying to teach a difficult knitting task to someone with very little English, using my very little Spanish (I sound WAY better than I actually am). And I dread next week--I am going to try to get her started on the afghan she really wants to make. She's Peruvian and has only been here a year, taught herself to knit, quite painfully. But, it sure takes a lot of energy to help. At least I get to be helpful. I miss that aspect of my old job.

I also helped another lady figure out how to re-create an Aran poncho she had made many years ago. I figured out the whole thing! Go me! Now I keep thinking of how I could make a nicer version. It was in bulky yarn, and I do wish that I had enough of the very interesting bulky wool I recently bought to make a little poncho pattern up. It feels good to have some creative energy, since I have practically no other energy. Yow, this job thing has sapped my strength and confidence. I keep sort of breaking down at little things, like how unorganized the house is. I am glad Lee is patient. This is not my best time.

Send healing vibes Tuba Boy's way!!


Robin said...

{{{{Hugs}}}} to the boys for their exciting travel day.

Feel better, Suna. Keep looking at the gifts in your life - it helps with the bad days.

Saranda said...

(((Hugs))) all around your house. Isn't it wonderful when the kids support each other when they need it? I am sure that strangers will step forward to help our offspring, if the family system isn't around. At least, that's what keeps me thinking I can send my kids off to college.

I wonder if any of the choir showed up yesterday? I wasn't sure if we were singing, but after our Saturday evening, I decided to make Sunday a home day.

nyjlm said...

glad the boys had each other, and that dad was still at the airport to help them.
I wish I had a magic wand and could fix the job stuff for you. Here's to feeling better soon.