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Friday, November 23, 2007

Just a Frustrating Time

Festive Thanksgiving Meal
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I sneakily took this photo of the line at Furr's cafeteria in Victoria, Texas, where we ate yesterday. I am glad we had a family meal last week, because I ate rubber turkey and salt flavored gravy with salt flavored bread dressing. After standing in a line for 40 minutes. All the people who sadly filed in to eat because they had nowhere else to go were sort of depressing (doesn't help that I am already feeling down), but the staff were very perky, and Lee and his dad seemed really happy to be together and to like the food fine. I must be picky after all these years of eating homemade stuff on holidays (in grad school we had amazing gourmet meals cooked by friends, even).

I don't mean to whine too much. It really was good to see Lee's dad and I know it cheered him up to have family come see him. We had a great time watching the Dallas Cowboys, and I think Lee's dad liked having someone to talk to about the game. And it let Lee nap.

At least knitting got done. I have done a bit today, but got all distracted when Lee emptied out the office closet and found the last of the books I had not unpacked since we moved here, and found all the missing knitting books from my collection. There were some really valuable and interesting ones there. Yay! I blogged a lot about it on the knitting blog. But I really am pleased he undertook the closet clean-up, though it was a lot more work than he had anticipated. Definitely the bright spot in the day.

Today was supposed to be my work at home day, I fired up the work computer, logged on and got started...only to find that everything was in place EXCEPT the drive with the files I work on. It did not mount and I could not find it to manually mount it. So, there goes bunch of potential money. That did not help my mood either. I am going to hope that tomorrow is a better day. At least the kids will come home late tomorrow afternoon!


nyjlm said...

I'm sorry you are feeling icky, and the job stuff sure doesn't help. It was a good, good thing to go see Lee's Dad, and I'm sure he appreciates it.
Be kind to yourself.

Lee said...

Yeah, but Dad loved it. Furr's is one of his favorite spots. He always goes on about how everyone can get what they want there.

And the staff was remarkably cheerful. As were many of the people around us, especially those nice people who froze in the entry way with us.