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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In a Fog, but Here Are Some Turkeys

I am sort of in a fog today, so in honor of the US Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow, I thought I would show you some beautiful turkeys. These are Blue Palm tom turkeys, one of the many heirloom turkey breeds that may not be with us much longer, thanks to the overwhelming reliance on one variety that has been bred to make giant turkey breasts. I am told these others are tastier. I don't know. I helped take care of some beautiful turkeys while Beccano went to the therapeutic farm, and I would hate to eat them--they were very nice to be around and had lovely big eggs. Some of these types have feathers used for hats and such. You can get those off the turkey without killing it, too. I have a collection of lovely reddish feathers still. Want to see more turkey breeds? Go to the site where I found this picture and scroll down--you will see a long list of breeds.
The turkeys help distract me from how much I hate putting the boys on a plane to go see their dad. No, I don't begrudge him the chance to see them--I just worry about travel at such a busy time. They kindly phoned me and let me know when they got to Dallas and when they got to North Carolina, though, which helped a lot. They told me that they passed the time in DFW Airport counting how many guys with handlebar mustaches they saw (6). That airport does have more than its fair share of genuine cowboys and men with festive facial hair. I do miss people spotting in airports, I have to say. I don't miss having to get up so early to catch planes. Wow, I am zonked today after getting up at 4! But, the traffic was excellent, and I hear now the interstate heading north is crawling.
But, since Lee's been around (creeping up on a year as a couple, folks!) I have gotten to enjoy more car travel. So, that is a nice trade-off. More of that tomorrow as we head south to Germanic Texas and eat at Furr's (cafeteria). It will be good to make Lee's dad happy, though. I am looking forward to some nice relaxing couple time with Lee, too. We spend so much time with the kids that we don't get too much of it, but I appreciate that Lee doesn't mind too much--I feel lucky to have kids who will spend time with us!
I will stop here, so you can have more time to hang with your own family and friends. I will have to tell my dad about the job situation today or tomorrow, and I dread that. I hate adding to his burdens. (And I hate disappointing him, which I seem to do over and over by not being as successful as he had hoped I would be--one of my big issues, I guess.)

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Des said...

Here's wishing you a lovely holiday weekend, during which you relax and enjoy your time with Lee. I have had a flock of wild turkeys in my yard every morning, which almost makes me feel bad about the bird in my oven, but the smell is so delicious! Sending good job vibes your way.