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Friday, June 20, 2008

Advantages of Being at Home

Refurbished Bike
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I am not thrilled to be earning no money, but I am managing to enjoy some aspects of being at home.

1. The best thing is being able to run errands with the kids. For example, I was able to take Beccano's used road bike to a bike shop with him, and get it refurbished so he can ride it this summer (assuming it gets less hot). He had been really upset when the bike didn't work right when he tried to use it, but he feels really good now. We went to a really nice bike shop who did not charge much at all. I am relieved that his dad and stepmother are able to help with this, since our finances are so limited right now. I feel like a "real" mom being able to help him during "work" hours!

2. I was also able to take him around looking for an African drum, which we found at the local music store. It gives him something fun to do while waiting to get work from my friend Bill. He got a "deal," too. It's nice to see him making good choices of what to spend money on!

3. I am also able to get little errands done that have been stagnating when I am gone so much. Beccano and I got his really fancy Radiohead poster framed, as well as Tuba Boy's portrait from his band trip last spring. It looks really good in a nice frame, as you can see. I am so glad Michael's has frames on sale almost all the time! We're putting the picture in the media room, even though it may not be the best one ever. It's still funny.

4. Today we are going to the inexpensive box store to get Tuba Boy very, very cheap pants to wear at work, since he gets bleach all over his work pants. I had been wanting to do this for quite a while. It's nice to have some time.

5. Lots of knitting. Even messed up knitting (had to erase a lot on my shawl last night, which will be detailed on the knitting blog.

6. Next week I can help get Tuba Boy's car repaired. Doing stuff like that while working so far away and taking the bus was practically impossible. The car really needs fixing, and I am relieved that, again, the kids' dad and stepmother are helping out. It is pleasant working the stuff out with her. That is so good!

Other Stuff

I have had no job action all week. I hope, hope, hope that changes next week.

I am sending healing thoughts to my old friend who had some scary surgery. Even if we won't ever get to talk again, I still care about the whole family. And I am sending healing thoughts to my church friend who also had some unexpected surgery complications.

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