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Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Gratitude

Sweet Rose
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Lee always does "grateful Monday" so I thought I would today. I am grateful right now for this sweet dog. Rose is over 1.5 years now, and has turned into one of the nicest dogs I ever had. She doesn't bark too much, she is very loving and affectionate and she is very obedient. She's also really soft, and I love her fur other than this time of year when she and Buddy are both making mounds of deposits all over the house. She really drove me bonkers as a puppy when she ate lots and lots of my good furniture, indoors and outdoors, but now she only chews ice cubes, which she asks for very politely. She's just so huggable and happy, without any of the irritating habits of the other three dog wonders of the house.

I didn't do much this weekend besides hang out and enjoy the kids and their friends. Lee was off arranging to sell some of his property (see his blog) and since I know nothing about selling property, I stayed out of it. I missed the chance to see his dad, which is too bad, but I had already scheduled a knitting class that only I could teach.

I am glad Lee's back, anyway. He planted us some new plants to replace the petunias, which the heat finally got to, and I look forward to the ornamental peppers and other happy planties. Our tomato has lots of blooms, so I hope to have actual tomatoes soon, too.

I have to work on a presentation for a job interview on Wednesday, and another contract possibility has come up, so I am not without job hopes. And the week holds lots of exciting work like getting rid of an old credit card and transferring a few automatic payments to my new one. Wow. Mostly I will do stuff with the kids, like go to game stores and bead shops. Tuba Boy gets his senior portrait taken today. Sniff.


Saranda said...

How can Tuba Boy be a senior??? Oh wait, that means my Ninja Girl will be a junior! Excuse me while I blow my mind...

Good luck on Wednesday and with all job hunting adventures! I'm crossing my fingers and toes, since the candle thing didn't work out so well last time. ;)

sandy said...

Good luck on Wednesday's presentation. I'm the person coming in from New Hampshire.