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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Yam What I Yam

And it isn't Supergirl, though she was always my role model, my goal, or my standard. My office has a lovely collection of Supergirl figurines (and her erstwhile beau Braniac 5 from the Legion of Superheroes comics of the 60s-80s).

Gee, no wonder I never live up to my expectations for myself with Kara Zor-El as my model! The last few years have knocked me down a peg or two (or a few dozen), and certainly that most recent job experience could have made me feel more like Charlie Brown than Linda Lee Danvers (Supergirl's alter ego, who more resembles me).

Lee's crossword puzzle today had a clue listed that said "A verb for Popeye" and it was "yam." Which led me here. I am glad that I haven't been knocked down, just turned a bit more realistic in my goals--I know now that I can't do just anything--I need the cooperation and assistance of my coworkers and supervisors--like anyone else who is trying to do a good job. That makes sense, because very few people have the luxury of working in a vacuum. Even solitary novelists need their agents, publishers and editors for success!

So, I was pleased today to interview with a group of people who appeared very supportive and team-oriented, and who were open and honest about the plusses and minuses of the position they were interviewing for. I felt a bit more Supergirl-ish to hear them say twice that my answers were the best they'd heard so far. It reminded me that I can fit in somewhere, and that such an opportunity may very well show up in a bit! I hope to get asked back to this place, but if not, I have another opportunity developing as well, as a curriculum developer.

Now I feel like I am getting somewhere and heading in the right direction, a little more in control of my own destiny again. I am letting my inner Supergirl peek out a bit.


On a similar note, I have had someone at church and someone on an email list recently dismiss my issues as being because I am "too sensitive." That one has always been a sore point with me, you know, one of those deeply rooted issues that therapists love to go into, because it's something my dad always said to put me down. Luckily, I have read the series of books on highly sensitive people (HSPs), which point out that there are many good things about being sensitive, and that it is a trait shared with millions of people, just not the majority of folks. I am proud to care deeply about others, have a (usually) good intuition (helps with tarot!), and some of the other fine traits HSPs share. If you are wondering whether you might be a lovely, fascinating HSP, take this self-test!

I'm not perfect, but I honestly do like being me. It hasn't been beaten out of me!


Dragonfly said...

Interestingly, not only do I show up as HSP, so does my son. (this probably explains why we are volatile when we've each had a rough day)

nyjlm said...

oh man, does that make me angry! No! I'm not too sensitive! Maybe you bear too much resemblance to a sledgehammer! Ever think about that? Uggggg!
Ahem. Sorry about the outburst. We sensitive people have a lot to offer the world.