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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thank Goodness for Goofy Friends

A, P and S
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Here are some of my lovely yarn shop friends making faces. One is happy her arm isn't being held together by giant steel rods any more. The next is showing her love for knitting magazines and probably laughing really loud. The other, who is only ONE day younger than me, is batting her eyelashes trying to get me to knit her a sweater like my recent red one. She brought me all the yarn for it.

In the other photo (if you do not see it in your feed, go to the actual blog; it will be there) there is my friend who brought me a cheer up card, the one who suggested I add a blue bead to the wedding shawl for something blue (standing), the friend who is happy with her new house and can knit two socks at the same time, and last, our German friend who actually tries to concentrate on knitting at our gatherings. I missed a couple of folks who were also there or came later, but wanted to share all these nice women, a wide variety of ages, stages, and beliefs, who cheer me up every Wednesday. I sure am glad we have our weekly knitting nights!

What else cheers me up? Well, interviews help. I had one yesterday for a place where I'd teach Microsoft Office applications in a classroom setting, 3-4 days a week, at a fairly good rate of pay. I could probably make it on that IF they really came through with that much work. In a little while I have a phone interview for another contract at ALE. And yes, I'd take that. It's 9 months of good pay so I could rest up and keep looking for the ideal thing. Of course, I keep hoping the place I interviewed at week before last will call back, but one thing I have noticed is that if I really like a place and the people, they don't like me. It's fairly consistent so far. Sigh. I really wish I had a job in a small place, with people I know and like, where I could feel like a real contributor and know my work is valued.

But, things are moving on. Tuba Boy's car is fixed, so he will be happy about that. He and his brother have been buying and playing video games, hanging with friends, and in general enjoying summer. Tuba Boy is working a lot, but also getting some down time, which he needs. Tomorrow he gets his senior portraits taken. I am not sure why I thought it was on the day of my last post. I must have meant to say "this week."

Lee still has another week at his job, which is a relief. They tried to cut him off this week, but his boss got him the time. Every penny helps. I know it will all work out, but it sure feels like we are cutting things close. Glad I have my nice, friendly faces at the yarn shop to bring some cheer and remind me everyone's got troubles and triumphs.

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