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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yo! Let's Get Religion

Crape Myrtle
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I promised I would remember my other blog topics and write today, and since I am once again sipping a hot beverage at the local Scooter's coffee shop, I do have time. And I remembered a couple of things I wanted to muse on, too. So enjoy the pink crape myrtle and read for a minute or two...


Beccano is getting good at gift giving, at last. He brought me back the perfect thing from Ireland, and it didn't cost him a cent. He brought me a lovely, smooth river rock (from the river!) that is shaped so that it nestles perfectly in your hand. It's not egg shaped, more like the exact space that the inside of your hand makes as it goes toward making a fist. It feels so cool and grounded to hold it! He also found a yak hair bag that his dad and spouse had bought in Nepal and brought it. Wowzer is that one rough bag. But, he knows how much I like fiber and hand work, so I appreciated it. You can tell it was hand woven.

Lee also has been getting me little things to cheer me up, and they are most appreciated. It just brightens my day.


I am just SO enjoying having the kids' friends around. I think I missed them, too! We had another one over for dinner last night, and a whole bunch were here later in the evening. Two slept over, and when I had to wake them up earlier than they'd have liked, they cheerfully cleaned up their messes and kept joking around with us. It's so nice that they aren't surly and silent. And we subjected them to Trey Bone practicing last night, so they could have been surly! It is so much fun to listen to them talk about issues, joke around and kid each other. They are so darned good natured.

Getting Religion. Yo

Jeff sent me a link to this site about Yo the other day, and it made me smile. Of COURSE there has to be an Open Source religion! There's an Open Source everything else! They seem incredibly well meaning, and I find little to disagree with them, and lots to laugh WITH them about on their site (see if you find the graphic where a monkey morphs into Pres. Bush). They have ten excellent principles that don't even get too weird until number 9 and thought I find it odd to base religious documents for a world religion on the US Constitution, I guess you have to start somewhere, and our Transcendentalist foreparents are as good a source as any. And as a registered Unitarian Universalist, I have to be all for numbered sets of principles!

So, check into Yoism if you are one of my "Atheist, Skeptic, Agnostic, Realist, Enlightenment, Humanist, Unitarian, Transcendentalist, Pantheist, [or] Deist" friends and see if you, too, are a Yoist and you didn't even know it. If nothing else, it would be fun to confuse folks with some Yoan bumper stickers or t-shirts. And their sincere yet sorta convoluted efforts to have a deity yet not have a deity (handy for the atheist and agnostic component) are fun to read and think about.

Maybe I will be called to start a Yoist congregation out here somewhere. I have no other vocation at the moment so why not?


From the previous sentence you may well infer that I am not at all well. Hee hee. Well, actually, I am not feeling very well. I woke up this morning feeling extra nauseated, sweaty and sickly. I think maybe some delicious chocolate cherries I ate last night didn't do me any good. But, after what passes for barfing in me (nothing came out) and more normal Suna sickness, I feel better. I am sipping hot tea and just having some pangs, but nothing awful. Let's hope it was just a little something that will end quickly! It is no fun being sick on a Wednesday, since I have to flee the house most of the day due to cleaning ladies (of course, we may not have THEM much longer).

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