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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thinking Thoughts

Lake Vultures
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I haven't written much lately, though I have been thinking of things to blog about, then forgetting them. My brain is a bit mushy lately. I am not feeling quite the perky way I was a few weeks ago--keeping up the hopeful vibe is a lot of work. I do have a couple of things ongoing, so I am fine and hopeful, just tired of how long it takes to find work.

On Sunday Lee and I went to scenic Lake Limestone, Texas. It is a fairly large lake to the east of Waco. We looked around at houses, when we could find them (took the wrong maps). It is a nice and quiet lake, and we saw some really neat places, mostly out of our price range. But, it was nice to get out and see different spots where neither of us had ever been before. The photo is not the most scenic, but I liked that the vultures seemed to be posing for us. They are by a pile of brush that was cleared out to build a lake house. There IS a bit of lake in the background.

The kids came home Sunday night, and I was really glad to see them. They have been chattering away about what they did in Ireland (went to some places I never got to, like the Skellig Islands, where there are a lot of puffins. They have been lots of fun to do stuff with, and I am glad their friends are traipsing in and out again. I miss them when the kids aren't around. We've had teen dinner guests two nights in a row, and the conversation is always lively and really fun. It is nice to be the parent of a teen, most of the time.

Well, unexpected guests have arrived of the adult kind. The singing group is back to rehearsing again, so the early bird of the group is here 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Glad we are rehearsing, though. That's almost always pleasant. Apparently we may have a real gig.

I'll try to post more tomorrow. I know I had a few things to chat about, but I've run out of time.

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Lee said...

I like talking with the kids, especially since these ain’t no dummies. They all have interesting and unique perspectives.