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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Patience Is Rewarded

The Dainty Lobelia
Originally uploaded by sunasak
Lee has been carefully babying this sensitive plant and its friend all spring. The heat seems to get to it, so it gets pretty droopy. But, he has faithfully watered it and talked to it daily, and as a reward it has grown to at least 4 feet tall with this lovely plant stalk, making it a fine representative of our red garden! Patience CAN be rewarded.

I hope that is true for me, too. My good news is that I did well enough in the phone interview today that I got a second in-person interview set up for Thursday! I look forward to seeing where this place is and learning more about the job. I hope I can do it, because I'd get to use my nonprofit knowledge, and that is the kind of thing I had hoped to do for the past few years.

Other than that, I am waiting for the phone to ring, enjoying being at home, and enjoying Lee, even when he has a headache and I have some stomach issue. I feel OK today and hope he does, too! I sure hope the kids are having fun in Ireland. I can't wait to hear the stories!


Dragonfly said...

That's great news aout the second interview!

Vicki said...

Yes.... awesome news!! Go get 'em Suna!