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Friday, June 27, 2008

Hope Is a Happy Red Flower

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These are Lee's pentas, a flower he really likes. It's in the newly expanded front flower bed, which we are trying to keep alive through the incredibly hot June we are having.

I have been posting so much discouraging news lately that I thought I might want to share some better stuff. We all need it, with the constant stream of ickiness in the world and national news.

There has finally been some positive job movement, but nothing final, so I can't proclaim anything. But I did get a call from the place I interviewed at week before last, finally. The HR person said they had just been busy all week, but had lots of positive stuff to say about me. She wanted to know how I felt about them! I let her know I was very happy with them (they seemed like a nice team, and respectful--I am now really attuned to that kind of thing). So I expect to hear from them early next week.

And I heard some positive indications on the contract job I interviewed for just yesterday, too! We will have to see, since nothing is final, and I probably have more interviews on both of them. But at least I am still in the running for something! Two things!

Combined with Lee getting that second interview I already mentioned, that is plenty of work goodness for us. Of course, in my happiness I bought three tops at the outlet mall, but they are HAPPY tops. It was nice to go to dinner with Lee and Beccano tonight and laugh our heads off at Black Sabbath lyrics and feel light hearted, at least for a brief time!

I was pretty happy with the kids, anyway. I got Tuba Boy to at least LOOK at the book on choosing colleges, and Beccano actually wrote five thank-you notes today. Wow. Boyz about 2B Men.

Add to that the really cool giant wasps I saw today and a cute baby at the yarn shop, and I have had more than the usual share of goodness today. Hope really can be a red flower.

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Lee said...

That’s sweet! XOXOX