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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Being Positive

I had a bit of a down period yesterday after looking at job ads and thinking I couldn't do any of them. But I went ahead and applied for a couple of things, thinking it's about time. I even re-did my profile, since it was sending stuff to my dead email address.

And lo and behold, this morning I got a call from a real, not fake, genuine recruiter person! And I meet with her on Tuesday! There might be jobs for me after all! Still would prefer ALE. But, something needs to feed the family in the meantime.

I had a nice Valentine's Day, though it was weird to have one go by without receiving even one card. Not even my dad or sister! Of course, I didn't send them any. Just the guys at the house, and well, they are all guys. I got a beautiful, large bouquet of flowers from Lee, and Jeff gave me some Godiva chocolate drink. I had one for afternoon snack. MMM.

Anyway, I had been feeling all icky about the job thing, so Jeff decided we should all go to dinner. We went to Kim Phung in his car and no one died. I had a delicious meal of Vietnamese egg noodles with tons of veggies, beef, chicken and shrimp. Everyone else got good stuff, and the service was slow, so we got to enjoy listening to the kids for a LONG time. I really enjoy hearing what they have to talk about. It's fun to debate stuff, talk about school, and hear tales of weird kids they know. Great kids.

We went to Barnes and Noble afterwards to get Older Boy The Heart of Darkness, and I got Lee and I a couple more "question" books to read together. It's fun.

One concern I had was that the ExH emailed me that the boys had NEVER mentioned Lee or the dogs to him. Both said to me, when I asked, "Oh, it just never came up." Both said exactly that. Huh. So I said, please feel free to talk about things. Neither boy said they were upset, irritated or concerned about things here. They said everyone seems happy. Whew. It really is ALWAYS something.

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Sam said...

I will be vibing for you tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful meeting with the recruiter.