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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Intervew Report

A quick note to let you know that my interview DID happen today, and I think it went very well. There was even the positive news that perhaps the hiring freeze at ALE won't be as long as some people thought (an earlier rumor today said maybe a year, ick). They mentioned two months, and I said, yes, I could wait two more months. I enjoyed talking to the people and meeting some of the folks Lee used to work with. It was fun. And I was happy about how well I presented myself and how self confident I apparently appeared (they said they figured I'd have NO trouble speaking in public, ha ha). I also enjoyed getting to talk to the guys who were more "workers" and finding out how they do things "across the street." It was interesting to compare notes on how instructional design can be done in many different ways.

I looked good, too. Wish I'd taken a picture! My cheap suit really looks good on me! Thanks to everyone who sent positive thoughts.

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Robin said...

I have been sending lots and lots of "get a great job" thoughts your way!