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Sunday, February 11, 2007

See Saw, Up Down

Look, I knitted something. Mostly I have been laboring along on the baby set, so not much knitting to show in pictures. But I was supposed to teach a friend how to knit this little shrug from One Skein Wonders so I found this incredible Noro yarn with angora and other goodies in it that I got for my birthday last year and didn't know what to do with and said, "OK, you will be a shrug." Of course, I had to knit it very loosely, so it is airy and lacy. But you know what? It is cute! I decided to make the shruggie thing a little longer than the one in the book, since I had more yarn and didn't want to waste a precious drop of its beauty. Yesterday I got a beautiful button (one-of-a-kind) from the collection Pat bought for the yarn store, which goes incredibly well with it. Pat and I were amazed at how perfectly it matches. Anyway, I am happy with this item and wore it two days in a row (to coffeehouse and the memorial service yesterday). I will wear it to work tomorrow.

What's Happening

So, it's been a few days of ups and downs. Friday I went in to work wearing my interview suit and wondering why I had drawn a crappy tarot card for the day. Well, at 9:40, I got a call from the HR lass telling me that the 10:00 am appointments were canceled. Geez, I was about to leave the building to go over and find the interview rooms! I hope there is some reasonable reason, like someone was sick or something...but the good news is that the Evil Hiring Freeze of Our Wonderful New/Old CEO did not cause them to cancel talking to me altogether. I am supposed to get interviewed next week. I want a new suit. Might as well get something positive out of the experience, right?

The day was brightened by a) finding out I don't have to stop in the middle of my current work project (yay, for once), b) getting to leave work early, and c) getting to get a quick yarn shop visit in the afternoon, where little Teagan cracked us all up. That is one funny child. I got to be Queen of the Shoppe, whereas poor Pat was told to go put on more makeup.

Lee and I also went to the Live Oak Coffeehouse and enjoyed hearing Karen Mal and Ken Gaines play. They were all nice to me, which is good--I never heard a word from any of the Ex's friends after he moved out, but I was hoping not to lose all Jeff's friends. Looks like I haven't. We saw a lot of folks and they were nice. Enjoyed the music, too.

I have been feeling sorta crappy about job stuff, but am better now. I just hit panic mode every so often then remember I am not a total loser, and feel better. Right now I remember that there are actually at least three departments interested in hiring me permanently, at least so they say, so I just need to get through a couple of months of ALE turmoil. And try to get someone at the damned agency I supposedly work for to talk to me. A short-term contract to tide me over would be good.

Yesterday (Saturday) was also up and down. Mostly up--had a good time at the yarn shop, and had lots of fun with my beloved once I got home in the evening. Just in between was rough. The memorial service for the friend from church was hard. And I had to try not to cry and stuff, because the choir song was at the end (a version of Psalm 23 from some British TV show). I feel bad that I had to leave as soon as the event was over and didn't get to talk to the friend's widow, so I will talk to her next week, and got a nice card for her. It was sad at the service in other ways, too. As I looked at the packed sanctuary, I saw so many of my old friends whom I miss so much. Women from my first women's group, whom I had really wanted to be my friends, but I guess didn't want me. Former choir members whose beautiful voices a mourn (not that the current choir is bad, but I do miss those strong altos). George, Jenny, Roger, John. Oh well. Time marches on, and you can't make folks be your friends who are too busy or don't want to be involved in your "drama."

Speaking of drama. I am so, so, so, so wishing the former spouse of Lee would find something better to do with her time. I knew she'd been quiet too long, and to top all the stress of yesterday off, I came home to another one of her little missives. I said to her that I was not reading the stuff and to stop sending me email. So, Lee is bad, I am bad, she is depressed and was suicidal, and I should never trust Lee. OK, thanks for the unsolicited input from someone whose advice I probably would be less inclined to solicit than anyone other than perhaps my former spouse (who has my kids this weekend, so I didn't get to go to Older Boy's solo and ensemble competition AGAIN). Anyway, I'll continue to form my own opinions of Lee based on what I observe that he does and how he treats me.

OK, so today was better. Church was good and we did a fine job on the complex Beethoven fugue. With all the new people, we rehearse things enough that I get them all memorized, so I get bonus "looking at the director" points. Hee hee. I got to talk to some people I hadn't seen in a while, and introduce Lee to some people who have been important to me in the past. I felt good.

Now I am off to the baby shower, to show off my partially completed baby dress and the hats I made. Best I can do. That stuff goes slowly!

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Tina said...

Yes dogs are great. Valentine is such a sweetheart, and has only barked one time (and that was at my friend's bunny, because the bunny growled at her). She and the demon kitty have even been getting along! I'll have to bring her to play with your bunch after her vet visit next week.

So, I noticed something interesting about next month. The full moon will also bring us a total lunar eclipse, on March 3rd:

"Soon after sunset on Saturday evening, March 3, skywatchers in eastern North America can watch the rising full Moon undergoing its first total eclipse in nearly 2-½ years.

For North Americans, the farther east you are the better. The eclipse will already be in progress when the Sun sets and the Moon rises, two events that happen almost simultaneously on a lunar eclipse night."

How cool does that sound? Maybe we could start a little early that day and watch it.

Oh, and more good news: Starting this Saturday, I'll have Fridays and Saturdays off!