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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Good February so far

First, in honor of Imbolc (tomorrow) I was looking at a Brigid website and found this cool logo on the web page of the Brigidine Sisters in Kildare, Ireland. I love how there is a flame on it, and a circle. Check the site out--it has some nice pictures and a tour of my favorite holy spot on earth!

I am looking forward to a tarot ritual with a Brighid theme tomorrow night. Maybe I will show the attendees the website so they can see what our Celtic Christian friends are doing with our favorite saint.

Second, please get out your vibes again...I have another "real" job interview scheduled for here at ALE. It's in a different department, since the promised ones in my department have not materialized, but it's doing similar work, so I am hoping for the best. Lee knows the manager I'd be working for, so that is a good thing. He sent her my resume and she asked me to apply. Another goood thing. I am so lucky to have not only the nicest man in the world for my precious soul friend, but also one who can help me with these kinds of connections. Whoop.

Also, send healing vibes to Work Boy #2, whose jaw is all swollen up and we can't figure out why. We got another new contractor today, too. Hoping that works out.

Things in general are going a bit better. I have had some rest, done some fun knitting, and had wonderful friends and family to help me when I get all worked up over work issues.


Barbara said...

Good luck on the job interview - let us know when you know something.

Tina said...

Did you know about this (

See you tonight!

Tina said...

That link was cut off. Try this one: