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Saturday, February 24, 2007

What a Guy

I put a picture of Lee on here, so you can see he isn't as scary as his profile picture makes him out to be, and also because I want to say how happy I am with him these days.

We are having a good time, even with all the challenges we are dealing with (money woes, divorce, work irritations and such). He is still treating me like the most precious object in the world, respecting me, and being patient with me (even when I got peeved at him yesterday--ooh, the first time).

I am so relieved to have a partner who will help me around the house. My back door looks so nice now, all trimmed up and ready to paint. And he did a bunch of work on the lawn and garden today. It is not embarrassing to be seen outside my house any more. All the overgrown bushes have been trimmed, lots of things ready to grow back up, and things just neatened up nicely. I have been inspired to put some plants out, even fresh new fake ones on the porch (too dim there to really grow things). I am happy with these changes, and know I am doing OK if I feel like cooking, cleaning and neatening things up inside the house.

We've been enjoying the seasons changing. It is warmer, and birds are migrating. A couple of days ago we pulled into the driveway and I said, "I hear a different bird." And sure enough, I turned to see the neighbor's two trees completely filled with cedar waxwings. I only see them once or twice a year! They were doing their sweet whistling. Then, last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and discovered Lee was awake as well. We both heard geese flying overhead. And the windows were closed! That was cool!

So, I had a good day. I got to see Katy at the knitting store, and met Tina's precious new dog. What a cutie. I am a bit worried about Jody, who couldn't come due to an unforeseen emergency, but hope to see her soon. Tomorrow my sister comes for dinner, so I will have quite the social weekend. Jeff also comes back tomorrow. His mom is having health issues, and I am worried about her, too. All weekend the kids have had friends around, and that is fun. The older boy is SO good at picking nice friends. That pleases me.


Lee said...


You are precious and sweet and I love you.

Sam said...

I love the pictures! Nice to see a close up of the man you love and I notice that you have a new shot of yourself on your blog. It is gorgeous. I love your life!