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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Holding Pattern

I seem to be in a holding pattern, waiting for something to happen. No wonder I drew the 4 of Cups today for tarot. Just sitting there, evaluating possibilities, waiting.

I did finish my shrug-like object out of the interesting Schaefer Elaine yarn. It's all bumpy and smooth and twisty. I liked knitting with it. It is the color of pansies and has a nice button on it, too, like the one I made last week (it is a variant of the same pattern, only I added sleeves and a ribbed border). I like those buttons from the yarn store. That is me and rose, with me in the outfit. I'll put more views of the shruggie thing on the Flikr pages, so check there for more.

Another knitting thing I am doing is making tests for knitting Jim in choir a belt. I think I know what yarn I am going to use--doubled thin cotton in a seed stitch. The thicker cotton was OK, but stretched a bit more. And I got some hemp thread, but whoa, that stuff is hard to knit with. Guess I will macrame something out of it. Even though I should be spending nothing, I got a 40% flower arrangement to put in the dining room and cheer the place up. I needed it.

Yesterday was long and tedious--really fed up with the work project, and then I had a lot of knitting help to do and a lot of singing in choir. We are singing that song about the "architrave" or something like that, again. I seem to be the only one who memorized it last time. ZZZ. But in the evening, Lee and I sang nice songs I had downloaded tabs for, and that cheered me up. I enjoyed singing "Boulder to Birmingham." Sigh, I had hoped when I got together with Jeff that he and I would sit around and just play at singing, but to him it is work, and I am not worthy. Lee at least doesn't look down on me and will do music just for fun. Music should be fun.


Sam said...

I love that picture of you and Rose. Your whole face smiles when you smile. You are beautiful.

Barbara said...

I love that you've got your music and someone who likes to share it with you. Lee rocks!