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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Off I go to interview (again)

Let's hope the second time is the charm and I get to interview for that job today. I got a nice outfit to wear for just $29.99 at Ross (boy the store near work is SCUMMY). But I look quite nice in my navy outfit and shoes that cost twice as much as the suit (navy blazer and navy print skirt). We also practiced asking and answering questions last night, which I hadn't done before, so I feel a little more prepared.

To report on the past couple of days, the baby shower was very festive. A lot of very, very well dressed women in an immaculate house, with very, very coordinated decorations. Most of the people even dressed in the party colors (I didn't get the memo). It was fun seeing all the fancy baby outfits that all matched, too. I got to meet a coworker's wife, too, which was a good thing. I think my unfinished knitting went over very well.

We had a quiet Sunday evening watching the Grammy awards and a fairly normal Monday, followed by a dinner with Janet from Church and her daughter. It was nice to watch the boys interact with a friend. They were very funny. Let's hope I have something positive to write for later!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sending lots and lots of positive vibes for that job!! (Let's hope they manage to travel through the snowstorm and reach Texas...)