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Monday, February 5, 2007

Post Stupor Bowl Action

This month's tarot gathering was very pleasant, and we did a great job decorating, I think. Lots of white candles, courtesy of Lee, the White Candle Dude, plus a nice white altar cloth and flowers from Shannon, and a bunch of white roses left over from a bouquet my lovely boyfriend gave me.
The Imbolc ritual was good, other than good ole Jeff wandering in during grounding, to make a PBJ sandwich, because we rudely ordered pizza with mushrooms...oh who cares. I enjoy the spontaneous nature of our group--we wanted to chase away negativity, so Shannon found a funny skeleton shaped rattle in her purse, and we made noise with that like crazy. And to bring good vibes to those in need, we rang an angel bell I had hanging around the house. We decided to keep our group small, but maybe have something larger and invite others for the equinox.
Saturday was pretty fun, other than being sad that someone I like lost her job, and worse, someone from Ye Olde Spiritual Community whom I admired passed away last week, leaving a wife and two small children. I enjoyed teaching a child and two adults, plus helping a regular customer figure out top-down sweaters. Then Lee and I ran off to choir practice (the songs changed, due to the death). That was enough to make me want to do something light-hearted so we went to the Evil Mall and got me some new pajamas and "fun" sleepwear. It was interesting to get Lee to make choices, but what a trooper, he stuck with me in the lady stores. He got his reward later!
Saturday night we went to dinner at Lee's friends' house and ate some good southern cooking. I enjoyed meeting the daughter of the house, who is also a bossy alto in choir. We had a good time and were laughing our heads off all the way home. It is so, so nice to have someone to laugh with. I think that is something that makes both of us really feel good--we can laugh together and genuinely have fun, even if it's over nothing at all.
Church on Sunday was sad, but nice, and we had some good conversations there. Then we went out to Granger where Lee got some more stuff, including more music stuff, and I tidied the yard a bit and cleaned the kitchen. I dunno, I guess if anyone broke in or something, I'd want it to look nice for them. Of course, there's less and less worth stealing now. The only thing I'd worry about is the lovely bed and the reasonable couch. Oh yeah, the dandy dishwasher and the killer washer and dryer. MMMMM wish those were MINE. (I do not at this point know whose they are). But, we had fun, again, just doing "stuff" together. Ahh, happy couple bliss.
The highlight of Sunday was the Super Bowl, which really did not put me in a stupor. I liked both teams, so couldn't pick a favorite. I let my pal Ricky do that--every year one team is a bunch of jerks and the other team can do no wrong, and I never know who it will be until I get to the event. So, Lee, Austin and I went to Ricky and Rebecca's house (choir director and spouse) and had tons of fun. There is no one more fun to watch a football game with than Ricky, period. The national championship game that the U of Texas played in was probably the most sports fun I had in my life. I can remember we scared their dog with our whooping and yelling, and we all hugged each other like fools at the end. So, that was a nice evening, and I was glad Lee got to spend more time with them and see how nicely they have fixed up their house.
OK, so that was my weekend. Today I typed all day. Now I am home listening to Lee cook Tomorrow think of Work Boy #2 as he gets his horribly infected tooth taken care of.


Barbara said...

I'm so sorry about your friend. :(((

Sam said...

I love to read about your life. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. (I am sorry about the loss of your friend and don't mean to ignore your loss.) Otherwise though, your life has just become so lovely and happy and you deserve that SO much!!