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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Making a Home

The last few days have been really nice, other than some physical ailments cropping up (I went home with a bad headache yesterday, and Lee has some really awful nose-running disease that made him fall asleep really early last night and do nothing but hold onto tissues while awake--really sexy, hee hee hee). But otherwise life has been very domestic and pleasant.

My house feels more and more like my home now. Lee and I have done a lot of work trimming back bushes, getting rid of evil sticky dewberry vines (see photo) and pulling down the Virginia creeper off the front of the house. It looks like civilized people live there. And yesterday we got a really good start on the back yard, aided by the Younger Boy and only slightly impeded by the Dog Pack. A great deal of sawing of oak limbs occurred, and I have been mighty impressed with the results. We can almost use the space again! The Younger Boy was thrilled to get entrusted to use the electric Saws-All thingie on a branch. Very manly, even if he didn't get very far with it (still learning). I mainly trimmed smaller branches, thinned out the woodland glen area and weeded MORE prickly dewberry vines. I cannot believe the web page says these are "delicious" berries either--mine are sour and nasty, when I allow them to live. Note, if you click the link above that it says, "Not suitable for gardens." And I don't believe they are blackberries. They are not the delicious ones we had in Gainesville. Hmph. In any case, they are sure persistent. As are the Virginia creepers. Why would anyone plant those things on purpose???

Anyway, it's feeling homey, and it is nice to make plans to fix things up more. I just wish I could buy mulch, grass seed, flowers, and fertilizer. That would really help. Wish that job lady would call...

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sandy said...

I'm so glad you are feeling like things are settling in and becoming like home. You deserve a feeling of being at home with those you love who love you back.