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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Good Tuba Boy

Not a great picture, but this shows the Older Boy at his recital Tuesday evening. Every year the band students do this before their solo and ensemble contest, as a practice. He was so careful getting dressed, though is appears that his pants were thrown in a wad on the floor, and his shirt was so new it was full of creases. But all the boys looked like that. Either their tie, shirt or pants was slightly askew. But what really amazed me was how beautiful it sounded. I didn't know tubas could make such pretty music--his tone was lovely, and he didn't mess up at all that I could tell (especially compared to most of the other kids we heard). I hope he gets that second movement down! He also told us he is now in the orchestra, too. There is only one tuba in the orchestra, and I guess the kid who was doing it isn't any more. It's an honor to be in the orchestra as well as in the top band!
He also got to play at his lacrosse game last night, and I wish I could have been there. But, we learned the song we are playing at the memorial service for our church member friend on Saturday, so I had to be at choir, sigh. Anyway, I am proud of him for sticking with things, even when he isn't the best. His debate partner and he have not won anything all year, and he is the least skilled lacrosse player, but he is getting strong and learning a lot about debate, so it's worth it. Just a lot to do.
Please think of me tomorrow as I do an interview for perhaps the only job left to apply for at ALE. All the other positions I applied for have gone away, thanks to a hiring freeze by our New CEO, same as the Original CEO. I knew all that rah rah talking about how thrilled we were that he was taking over again would not mean good things for little Suna. Plus no bonuses for the real employees either, which doesn't help our household financial status. But, I have this one chance in a group in another division, so I will give it my all. After that, off to look for contract work. It will all work out, so Lee keeps telling me.


Barbara said...

What time is the interview? I'll be vibing for you!

Sam said...

How did your interview go? I was thinking about you yesterday afternoon as I was sitting at the ski hill. I am vibing!