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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blogged Up

I spent the day typing up help files on blogs with my pal NJ for the intranet at work, so I have been thinking about blogs all day. It is fun to learn different interfaces! I do find blogs to be a handy tool for various purposes, not just venting and getting oneself in trouble, LOL.

I finished up the rest of my class samples last night, and will post them over the next few days, but thought I'd share my sock today. I am diligently finishing the second one, now that the samples are done, because I now want to make that delayed lace shawl, and another one and blah blah. I am really proud of the sock, which is probably the first patriotic anything I ever made in my whole life. I enjoyed making the pattern come out nice on the front, and the heel blue. Hardly wasted any yarn, either, which is good, since I want to make the other sock match!!

I'd type more, but I need to go turn my near-teen (who's spent the afternoon in tears over English class) into Bob Ross. It's his end-of-year band concert day, and they are supposed to dress up as a famous artist. He will match his "Happy Trees" t-shirt and look extra cool. All I have to do is fluff up his curly red hair and draw on a goatee!!

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