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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Blog

I was thinking that I hadn't done much with my tarot decks lately (I think I am sorta afraid to find out what is going on in my psyche or something). So, I went ahead and made a tarot journal. I am hoping it will encourage me to keep up my habit of drawing a card per day, to gauge my mood, the world's mood, or the current circumstances. Sometimes I'll do a bigger reading. I hope folks will comment or add insights, if so inclined. The blog is linked in my links collection here, and you can click the title of this post to get there. So far, only one real entry, but it was COOL that the first card I drew was the one I use to symbolize myself in readings that require choosing a significator (in most readings, I let the tarot do the choosing).

The card, depicted at left, is the Queen of Cups. She's emotional, mysterious, watery and Piscean so it works for me.

I told my friend Diane I'd help in her upcoming tarot class (locals are welcome to join it--just email me for info and I will pass it on to her), so I figure this will warm me up a bit and be a useful tool for that, as well.

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