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Friday, May 26, 2006

Corgi Update and EEK Politics

I talked to the eye doctor vet today, who is almost having as much job fun as I am, poor dear. But, I got brownie veterinary points for requesting that we re-test Gwynneth for fungal infections. Sure enough, one test did show the resence of some fungus that they get by inhaling, which can affect eyes. The other test was once again, our favorite, "inconclusive." The positive test means we can't put her on oral steroids or the fungal thingie would go crazy. It also means that, perhaps, treating the fungus would help her eye inflammation, so she could be a blind dog WITH eyeballs rather than without, which I certainly would prefer. Next up is talking to the local vet about it, oh boy. At least finally we got a result, on something.

I spent much of the day getting presents for a hard-to-buy-for almost-13 boy. I think he will like what he got, though it appears there will be some "this is on order but not here yet" gifts. Especially the claymation boxed set that is not even out yet (he loves some claymation dude in Schertz, Texas). But, he is getting drumsticks with his name on them, a maginfying light for his Warhammer dudes, an inexpensive video camera (VERY inexpensive) to make claymation and other cinematic masterpieces, and some black shirts for his "goth wannabee" phase. I am impressed we came up with that many things for someone who would prefer to do nothing but paint and play Star Wars Galaxies.

Stop here unless you want to read liberal, pacifist content. And pro-war pals, no need to rebut. You won't change my mind and I have no illusions that I will change yours. And I realize this is incoherent rambling, but what else is one's own PERSONAL blog for?

And as for eek, politics. My dear partner was reading some article about the Iraq war that apparently wondered why people weren't more up in arms about the goings on there. He said it postulated that US folks were too sedated by reality TV and American Idol to concern themselves about complex stuff like wars and politics. And I am not denying that has a part in it. But I expressed to him that what most concerns ME is how apologetic anyone who has the temerity to voice a criticism of the war in public (like on a television talk show or news/comedy show) feels compelled to be. If you have the guts to say, "I am opposed to this war," it is like obligatory to then quickly qualify it with, "But of course, I support Our Troops." It is like you can't be a "good" American without uttering it. It's like the Muslims always saying "inshallah" after every sentence. It begins to lose its meaning after being repeated over and over again. "I believe X, but of course I support Our Troops."

You know what, I don't really support our troops (I do feel sorry for them and care about some of them A LOT). I think if you are someone who volunteers to go out and kill people or work to support the ones assigned to kill people for a living, that is your choice, but it is not a choice I, a pacifist, support. I support individuals and their right to do for a living what seems right to them at this time, but no, I am not actually all hepped up on military careers. And I am tired of hearing how, "Oh, but they are protecting you and sacrificing themselves for you." Uh huh. I think we all are obligated to protect each other by doing our best at whatever we do--you don't have to take mass murdering lessons to protect fellow citizens. I protect them by providing the information I provide in my job, or by helping people stay calm by learning to knit...or....

Yes, yes, life is complex, and I am probably an insane dreamer for thinking that, you know what, if we all just let other people live their own lives, in their own countries, with their own beliefs and customs and stopped trying to impose our own beliefs and cultural mores on other people, we could probably have peace. Yep, I'm a fool. Until just one giant multinational corporation is in charge of everything and its Board has 85% of the stuff and the rest of the world has 15% or so, there will be wars. That's the plan, far as I can tell. Countries and governments aren't behind all this crap, and certainly our Fearless Leader who can't even string together two sentences is not in charge of what the so-called "USA" is doing. He does whatever the multinational corporations his Daddy has been working with for decades tell him.

OK, report me to Big Daddy so my phone calls can be tapped. Heh heh. But read this Big Daddy: Peace-nik Nut Suna probably can't do a thing to stop you, so feel free to focus on something more worth your while. I'll just knit and watch, and wish voicing my opinion mattered even a teeny bit.


DianeS said...
You go, Girl!A while back I invited the NSA to listen in to my phone calls (what few there are) or read my emails. While I strongly object on civil liberties grounds to the programs, I'm willing to let them at mine. Because I think it will bore them to tears and, if forced to deal with my real life for very long, may actually kill them all with boredom.
Sunday, May 28, 2006 3:37:00 PM

Vicki said...
I'm interested to read your opinions. Please write more!
Monday, May 29, 2006 6:07:00 PM

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