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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Musings

I am spending Mother's Day knitting up samples for intermediate knitting classes, and the first one I finished was this fair isle tam, knitted in really soft bulky baby alpaca yarn. MMM. The pattern is from the "Yarn Cocktails" collection, which are mostly simple patterns, each with a recipe for a cocktail on the back. Of course, I forget the name of the cocktain this hat is named after, but it's something Scottish.

My son found it, put it on, and never took it off, so I guess it was a hit! In honor of being a mother, then, I present you with a photo of this son in the hat! He is as sweet as he is cute. And very proud of the hair.

It has been a lovely day so far, and I got from the boys some caramels (from Jeff, go figure) a CD I had wanted (the Emmylou Harris/Mark Knoppfler one) and a lovely Legion of Superheroes graphic novel. I have collected Legion comics since I was first able to read. I can really stick with a hobby. It's like a really long soap opera for me. Recently there was a Justice League cartoon where Supergirl and some JL dudes got transported to the future by the Legion, and in the end, she decided to stay there so she could date Brainiac 5. That was the best cartoon ever made, IMHO. They are the cutest couple. (OK, so I am weird about comic book characters--it's a harmless affliction!)

In addition to knitting, I also made a new website last week. This is for the band Jeff joined recently, The Starters. I like the color scheme. Nice clear colors. I think I did a reasonable job with their logo, too. They didn't give me much text, but what they gave, I formatted. I used CSS and templates, since I needed practice in those things. Now I just have to make something in PHP.

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