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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's a DOILY!

Knitting update. This is one of the Bathtime Blossom "washcloth" patterns that I have been working on lately, in wild colors. I think it's a doily, however, as this one has rayon in it (bought the happy, shiny yarn last year and can't remember what it is), so I don't know how well it would stand up to frequent washing. I know I needed to block it before it would lie down and BEE HAVE. All this lace knitting of late (still working on the mohair sample scarf) has finally motivated me to finish the shawl for my poor, patient friend, Diana, which I started last summer. I was having trouble keeping count, but I seem to be in a better "space" for lace these days.

Work stuff. I've been really busy at work, even after losing all the previous responsibilities I've had, and have been making some really useful Web pages and updating others. I am totally amazed at how helpful my volunteers have been with working on improvements to the content. They really rock. With so many fewer phone calls and meetings, I can concentrate on content a lot more, and that has been refreshing. I am really hoping that things will be turning around for the better where I work--there are lots of good people trying to make useful changes--it is a challenge being a nonprofit these days.

Dog stuff. I recently went to the vet again with the dog. The vet isn't doing so hot, either--lost her office location, so I have no idea where I will see her next. We are re-running Gwynnie's fungus test, to be sure she doesn't have that (previous one was uncertain). Once we are more certain, we will start oral steroids, to see if it is an auto-immune thing. That will help, if it is the case. The bad thing is that we can't know for sure what the problem is without doing a pathology on her eyes, which requires removing them. Which I can't afford right now. And which will make us all sad. Trying to get some savings up, thanks to the extra jobs!

OK, back to work--this was my "lunch break" :-)


Jennifer said...
I really like those colors. That doily is just an awesome sunburst of cheer!! :D
Wednesday, May 17, 2006 5:29:00 PM

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