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Saturday, May 6, 2006

Dog Sweater

Look! I do have another dog besides Gwynnie the Blind Corgi! Today's image is of Scrunchy the Very Large Pug in the dog sweater I made for him when I did a doggie sweater class. I am debating whether to duplicate stitch "Big Pug" on it or not. Hope that wouldn't offend him. Of course, the sweater itself, a plain dog sweater embellished with fair isle borders in Cascade 200, offended him. I put it on him to see if it would fit or not and he froze like a statue with a perplexed air. It certainly made taking the photo easy enough. And yes, I did a rotten job photoshopping his red eye out, but it was late that night! Anyway, I did get him to take a few steps, but I could see that the sleeves had him confused and uncomfortable. Maybe when it gets cool again in the fall we'll try it out again.

I am also a bit worried that, as a male dog, he might um, "soil" it when he lifted his leg. And it's a hand wash sweater. Oh well, good for demo purposes, and I had used leftover yarn!

We have had nasty, nasty weather the last couple of days, with bad hail all around us, but nothing too awful here. And I have been to a rather controversial lacrosse parent meeting, high school band concert, a band parent meeting (where I volunteered for something, when will I learn?), and a middle school percussion recital in the past few days, so I am "parenting"ed out. But it is fun to see one's kids doing music!


Judy said...
I love the dog sweater! Hopefully, he will wear it in the fall.
Thursday, May 18, 2006 12:15:00 PM

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