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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Paranoia, will it destroy ya? Nice weekend, tho

My dear friend Stephanie has been calling me paranoid a lot, in a friendly way. And she may be right-- I often interpret subtle signals as if they affect me in some way, when in fact, they don't. HOWEVER, I often interpret clusters of subtle things correctly as affecting me--and I often have good hunches. (For example, the dude I worked with once who gave me such a bad vibe that I made a friend be with me whenever I might have to be in a meeting with him, who later turned out to have an assault conviction.) And most of us can tell when there is something in the wind that does not bode well for us. So, I am not sure that my paranoia will destroy me--it just keeps me alert so that perhaps I can prepare myself!

And the paranoia applies to my political ravings from the previous installment. It makes me feel better when I find out I am not the ONLY one having paranoid feelings, so I was happy when the Dear Partner forwarded me this article from AlterNet. I am NOT the only one seeing signs of an impending Police State in the US. I feel more and more like I live in the former Soviet Union.

But, all is not lost. For example, over the long US holiday weekend, I finished the first of two socks for my friend Andrea (she will make ME a pansy item in return). It is out of rather interesting yarn, Austermann Step, which has jojoba and aloe in it, supposedly which will last for some number of washings. The shades of blue are rather too close for my taste, but at least the pattern does show up (I will next make it in a lighter yarn, and sport weight, which is what the pattern originally called for.) If you are interested, it's a 3 Trails Handknit Design called Scotch Lace Prancer. I added a pattern repeat so it would fit in sock-weight yarn.

Yesterday was a big day for me, as the red-haired child turned 13 and I am mother to two teens now. He had some nice friends over and they ate a lot, but played nicely. Sweet, goofy teens. See top photo, including the older one in his Flying Spaghetti Monster shirt.


Elisabeth said...
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.I horrify myself that I am no longer horrified at the things I read in the newspaper.... shock myself that I am no longer shocked when I hear about a friend being grossly mistreated by another human being.It is way too commonplace for me to even sit up and take notice anymore.
Wednesday, May 31, 2006 3:40:00 PM

DianeS said...
I say a book at Whole Life today called Pronoia. ( for Amazon entry). I came close to picking it up for you, but decided you might not find it funny.(g)
Wednesday, May 31, 2006 5:36:00 PM

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