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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Patience, It's a VIRTUE

So I am trying to be virtuously patient. Things are moving along a little more on the job front, both in searching for something that pays the bills, and in doing the current job (which I love and would hate to leave, except for that pesky need for income). The income thing becomes painfully clear when I have to make down payments for band trips and such--trip isn't until next April and already we are paying for it! And there is no knitting teaching for two weeks, so that income stream has dribbled away. Plus, the new shetland jumper weight yarn I ordered is on back order. Patience, grasshopper Suna, patience.

School is out tomorrow and the man of the house is grumpy about that. Those darned kids keep talking and wanting to do stuff, ha ha. (Actually, they are much quieter than your average teens, I think, though I am sure the Memorial Day All Day Birthday Party, Video Game and Magic Card Fest for the younger one will feature more noise than usual.) But, they are going to be gone at least a month, as usual, for the Their Father visit, and this year I won't have a conference or visit to my dad's house to distract me from it. I'll really miss visiting him this year--last year's visit was so pleasant and relaxing. And the house is deadly quiet with no children around at all.

I finished the flag socks from last week, which is good, and am working on the second washcloth for a wedding gift for this Saturday. They are Egyptian cotton and plain, but otherwise like the one in the previous entry's photo. My friends keep plugging away at me to also give the happy couple a rainbow one, too. We will see how quickly I finish this--I do want to start the socks of my friend Andrea, which are next "in line." The picture you see is the final class sample I finished, a very soft alpaca scarf in a quite simple lace pattern. Even I, the lace weenie, managed to eventually memorize the pattern.

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